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What is the use of PLC SCADA?

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When it comes to industries like telecommunication, transportation, water and waste control, energy, gas as well as oil control sectors, the use of PLC SCADA is essential to a great extent. They both are used to monitor and control equipment in process automation in various industries for multiple purposes. That’s why for enhancing such knowledge, you can also take PLC SCADA Training in Noida

Of course, there are some technical complications involved in the system, which makes the applications difficult to understand in one go. That’s why for knowledge seekers, we have come up with a blog to provide you with more advanced information about the same. 

However, for readers who are new to this topic, we have divided the blog into sub-sessions for better understanding and clarification

Introduction to PLC SCADA

For a beginner, the concept may be quite confusing. That’s why we have tried to make it easier by putting it in simple words. 

The entire system is controlled by SCADA and that’s why it is a wider concept. On the other hand, PLC is a part of it. However, it must be noted by the readers that the main difference between the two is that the PLC is hardware, whereas SCADA is software. Although they both are two distinct systems, they are still used together in multiple ways. 

The PLC is specifically designed to control difficult and complex industrial processes like motors and running machines. Whereas, the SCADA is designed to track information, enter commands, and make possible changes in programming. 

Applications of PLC SCADA

If you are looking forward to expanding your knowledge about PLC SCADA, then it’s important to get familiar with its uses. 

By the end of these below pointers, you will be able to know about its various uses: 

  • There is no denial of the fact that PLC is a controller and SCADA is used for operating, monitoring, and as well as data maintaining purposes. 
  • The PLC, being the hardware of the system, works on various programs developed by automation engineers, developers as well as programmers. On the other hand, SCADA is an operator interface system. Both are equally responsible for industrial automation systems. 
  • As PLC SCADA is used in different industries like power plants, textiles, and automation that is the reason they are used to automate machinery, plant, and processes. 
  • They are helpful in maintenance, efficiency, productivity, cost of production, and also a collection of relevant data or information. 
  • The system is operated by SCADA and PLC plays a role to give the command. That’s why it is said that both are used simultaneously. 

To know more about such applications, you can also take PLC SCADA Online Training from the team of ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd. 

Relationship between PLC and SCADA

As you are now familiar with the uses, you might be interested to know the relationship between both of them.  

For prescribing performance tasks, both are used together and work in a particular way.

Here are the steps involved: 

  • First, information from sensors on individual assets is converted to the PLC. 
  • After that, the PLC converts the information into a proper format that can be further used by the software. 
  • Using HMI, the users can access the information on the software. 
  • A maintenance work order is made or created if the data crosses certain threshold limits. 


After going through the above write-up, now you must have a clear understanding of various uses of PLC SCADA. To know more about features of PLC SCADA, you can enroll for PLC SCADA Training in Delhi. By having in-depth knowledge and practical skills, you can make your future bright.


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