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  • Jobs for cyber security are high in demand. Get begin with EC-council associate certifications.
  • With small to zero unemployment, prepare the students for a job market.

As per the Labor Statistics Bureau, demand for talent is maintained for better supply. From 2016 to 2026, Information security analysts’ employment project grows 28% and it is much faster than the average of all jobs. Cybersecurity jobs demand is expected to be very high as these analysts will require for creating innovative solutions for preventing hackers from stealing critical details or accessing unsecured networks.

Make sure that the school provides globally-recognized cybersecurity certificates to your students. The certificate may increase the confidence of students, build the resume and also authorize the knowledge and skills for preparing them for college or a career path in cybersecurity.

The world’s biggest cyber security technical certificate body is EC-Council or the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants. More than 2,00,000 information security professionals certified by EC-council have partially the cyber security approach of countless companies globally.

For providing 2 cyber security certificates i.e. “red team” offensive and “Blue team” defensive approach, certiport do partnership with EC-Council. Cyber Forensics Associate (C|FA) and Ethical Hacking Associate (E|HA) will permit the students for getting started in the cyber security world. These certificate-es validate the entry-level knowledge and prepare the people for advance. When preventing and addressing cyber security, professional EC-Council certificates continue to learn the latest practices.

Additionally, to the new EC-Council Associate certifications, Certiport provides the certified EC-Council program that aligns to the examination and practice examinations for easily incorporating EC-Council certificate into CTE cyber security and information security courses.

EC-Council Associate certifications Benefits

  • With industry and world standards, a Result-driven way for ensuring the curriculum aligns.
  • Validate the knowledge, and prepare the students for college or making a cybersecurity career.
  • With an industry-recognized document, Position the students as reliable job applicants to employers.
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