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Ten Features Of PLC SCADA That Everyone makes Love it

PLC SCADA Online Training

Those days are gone when manual labor is utilized for managing the operation of industries. With the introduction of PLC and SCADA, manual intervention is reduced by way of automation. PLC SCADA Online Training has broad applications across different sectors, including healthcare, transportation, energy, telecommunications, etc. They use these technologies to monitor and handle the modern-day complexities, as they comprise some outstanding features that everyone loves. Have a look!

1) Great Scope of Flexibility: There’s a great scope of flexibility in PLC, as you will find various programming languages in it such as ST, SFC, STL, and ladder diagrams, etc. Thus, if the users are aware of only one, they can efficiently operate the Programmable Logic Controller. 

2) Real-time/Historical Trend: One of the most valuable features of SCADA is Trend. It consists of trend zooming and display of data. With the help of it, one can perform export and archive of historical trend data. Apart from this, it saves real-time data, retrieves historical data from different fields, and displays them graphically.

3) Alarm Handling: A SCADA system must be capable of alerting the operator. Thus for this, an alarm system is created to notify the operator regarding the essential facets of the plant. It performs this task with high accuracy and shows historical alarms as well.

4) Report Generation: Another beneficial feature of SCADA is the capability of generating reports. Users can use this feature to get the reports. All they need to do is to prepare the format in which they want it. 

5) Portability: SCADA systems offer seamless data flow. They can obtain valuable data from the plant floor. Therefore, it helps individuals, businesses, and government officials to make better decisions that help in enhancing the workflow.

6) Ease of Operation: Once can easily adjust and edit the PLC program using the computer. Apart from this, the Self-Diagnosing Function plays an essential role in analyzing the fault and makes maintenance easier.

7) RAD Capabilities: SCADA systems feature rapid application development capabilities that enable users to design apps based on information collected from the system. Moreover, it minimizes the risk by finding out problems earlier.

8) Data Acquisition: SCADA can read data from multiple sources. It can read and write data from PLC and another hardware system that can be analyzed and graphically represented to the user.

9) Control Feature using Graphical Representation: The SCADA system also helps control different machines – from ground level to main control center. It also assists the operator in starting and ending the industrial sequences.

10) Telemetry Reassignment: This feature of SCADA helps in switching between real-time and estimated data.

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