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Data Analytics

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Data Analytics Online Training | Data Analytics Training in Noida | Data Analytics Training in Delhi

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Data Analytics Training Program

Data is gathered via a variety of resources, however, while making decisions, Data Analytics Training in Noida is crucial. For smooth functioning of business, most of the company hire Data Analyst who has excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. However, most colleges and universities don’t provide such knowledge to learners.

ShapeMySkills.Pvt.Ltd offers Data Analytics Online Training from a variety of reputable industry experts and trainers from IITs, NITs, and government educational institutions to improve their knowledge and abilities.

All learners from a variety of educational backgrounds, including B.Tech, BBA, MCA, B.Com, MBA, M.Tech, and Ph.D., are welcome to join ShapeMySkills.Pvt. Ltd.However, if any other non-technical learners like to gain comparable abilities, they are welcome to sign up for the course through ShapeMySkills.Pvt. Ltd. This is because it will improve and update their practical abilities, which will be beneficial to their businesses either directly or indirectly.

Corporates and learners have to upgrade themselves for betterment in their current organizations. They only back off because they didn’t receive competent instruction. At ShapeMySkills.Pvt.Ltd, industry professionals and instructors from IITs, NITs, and government educational institutions will help you solve your difficulties by enhancing your knowledge and skills.

Introduction to Data Analytics

In Data Analytics, we do analyses of various large datasets with the help of multiple libraries of Python such as NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, etc. For visualization, we also require various libraries of Python such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, etc. 

 However, in any case, if you are not aware of Python and its libraries,  then we will be covering basic and advanced Python in Data Analytics Training in Delhi. 

The main objective of Data Analytics is to perform various tasks like Data loading, Data cleaning, Data manipulation, Data visualization, Data mining, Data warehousing, etc. 

so that conclusions can be analyzed for making appropriate decisions. 

Various industries require dedicated Data Analysts for analyzing the growth of their business and the overall performance of the company. 

That’s why we encourage several learners to move ahead and enroll in such valuable courses Data Analytics Training in Noida as it has wider scope and demand.

Important Tools That You Must Know!

Applications Data Analytics

Almost in every field or sector, there are huge applications of Data Analytics, whether it’s aN IT industry, Hitech company, or in government sector. This is because everyone needs to do some decision-making using previous data and execute their plans effectively for future outcomes. 

Some of the major applications are listed below : 

  • Widely used in logistics and delivery sectors for smooth operations. 
  • Fraud and Risk Detection 
  • Transportation system is another application of Data Analytics Online Training to solve traffic problems like network congestion.
  • Education sector 
  • Healthcare sector
  • Manufacturing Industries and Insurance sector 
  • The tourism sector, Media, and Entertainment

Complete Your Course with the Guidence of Professional Mentor's

The objective of the Data Analytics Training Course

Understanding the course objective is a crucial step while starting the training because it helps you to understand what you are going to learn. By looking at the objectives, learners can get familiar with the knowledge transformation that will happen after the completion of the course. 

These below-mentioned objectives will ease out your work to a great extent : 

  • The course will give an in-depth introduction to various topics such as hypothesis testing, Data Analysis, Extraction and Forecasting, Regression Analysis, and many more such topics to name a few. 
  • You will get practical experience with Data Visualization techniques. 
  • The learners enrolling in this course will learn about different software like Tableau, R, and Power BI which will help in organizing and managing data. 
  • Data  Analytics Training will give you theoretical knowledge and along with it will help you to complete different types of practical projects for solving purposes.

Program Keypoints

Live Instructor Led Online Offline Classes

Practice Sessions

Doubt Sessions

Mini Projects

Placements Assistance

Video Lectures Will Be Provided

Why is the Data Analytics course popular among learners?

There are no two opinions that companies have started giving these courses more importance as compared to educational degrees and qualifications. The reason behind this is that it plays an important role in taking relevant decisions in an organization. As Data Analysis is so crucial for business processes, that’s why even company managers are motivating their employees to enroll in such educational courses. 

Another reason for the popularity is that in the upcoming years, the demand is going to increase even at a much faster rate and this will lead to a shortage of professional employees. The scenario will be neither favorable for the enterprises nor for working professionals. Therefore, most of the knowledge seekers are enrolling in the course. As more and more students and corporates are getting trained, the course is getting more popular.

Course Highlights


Informative and knowledgeable live interactive sessions.


Course curriculum as per market standards and parameters.


400 + authentic and reputed career partners.


Flexible internship support by experts.


One-on-one doubt-clearing sessions without any limitations


Effective and efficient use of Learning Management System.


Chance to get training from industry experts having 10+ years of experience.


100% job Assistance for placement 

Receive the best placement assistance for Data Analyst Job Profiles

We are highly proud to share that the experienced team and counseling members of ShapeMySkills.Pvt.Ltd are just a call away from providing you with the best placement assistance. Our mission of giving the training is completed only when our students get placed in their dream companies. 

From practical training to preparing them for interviews, we walk along with students. If you have any doubts regarding the same then you can also check our Google reviews. In the past few months, we have helped several students to enter their dream jobs. When they can achieve the greatest heights, then why not you?

Our Placed Students

Data Analytics Online Training | Data Analytics Training in Noida | Data Analytics Training in Delhi

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Still, have any doubt?

Contact ShapeMySkills Counselling Team

Get all your queries resolved

Why choose us for Data Analytics Training?

We have seen several learners discussing among themselves before choosing the right platform for completing their course. However, due to a lack of accurate information, they end up choosing the less suitable place as well as course. To reduce their challenges, our team members first do a proper counselling session with the students and then proceed with further processes. 

Also, look at the below pointers to know that ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd is the right fit for you : 

  • The learners will get Microsoft Partners Certifications along with the course completion certificate. 
  • All the tools and software needed for Data Analytics are made available to students. 
  • Candidates, who will complete their course with full dedication can even get a chance to get placed at their dream companies or we can even hire them in-house. 
  • Talking about the fee structure, it’s quite negotiable and students can even pay in installments. 
  • At the time of registration for the Data Analyst Course, you will be getting 1-year membership so that you can contact us without any worries. 

The learners and corporates don’t have to roam down the streets for getting the best Data Analytics Training in Noida as the team of ShapeMySkills.Pvt.Ltd is standing next to you. 

We are waiting to help you out to the best of our abilities. So, pick up your phones and enquire now!


Learn, Grow & Test your skill with Online Assessment Exam to achieve your Certification Goals


best training in noida

Classes By Experienced Trainer

Our instructor-led training classes are designed to make you an expert. With full instructions and hands-on practice, you’ll learn how to work effectively and efficiently with the tools and features of the system. Expert guidance can show you the right path.

best training in noida

Case Studies

Real-life case studies are a great way to demonstrate the capabilities of our technologies and will help you see how they can be applied to your organization. Once the theoretical training is completed, going through real-life case studies is a must to do. 

best training in noida


Building upon their self-assessment, candidates will be assigned the perfect piece of academic work to further develop their writing skills. According to our team, assignments are a great way to enrich knowledge and to know areas where improvement is needed.

best training in noida

One Year Membership

With this package, you get one-year membership access to the course and all future updates at your own comfort level. Even after completion of your course, you can freely take our assistance. We will be happy to assist you with the relevant support. 

best training in noida

On-Time Expert Support

For solving any doubts and queries, you can freely contact us during working hours and even on weekends. Our team provides around-the-clock support. Our team will provide you with possible solutions on or before the time of your registration.

best training in noida


A certificate from an accredited course provider is a valuable piece of work that can enhance your resume and help you stand out from the crowd. By having those certificates, one can come one step closer to their dream jobs. 


Earn your certificate

Earn your certificate

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your career and giving you a chance to compete in a global space.

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    FAQ 'S

    Which is the best resource for learning data analysis?

    You can study and learn from various free resources such as articles, youtube videos, etc. However, for up-to-date information and knowledge, enrolling in an authentic institute is the best option.

    Should I have good technical or coding skills for completing the course?

    No, instead of mastering technical or coding skills, the students should have good analytical and visualization skills.

    How difficult is it to complete the data analytics course?

    Learning data analytics is not tough academically but one has to master several skills for beating up the competition.

    Are 3 months enough to complete the entire course?

    Yes, investing around 3 months of time is more than enough for learning data analytics. 

    Is data analyst a reputed and secured job?

    Yes, the job profile of a data analyst has great career prospects.

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