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Software Testing

Software Testing Online Training | Software Testing Training in Noida | Software Testing Training in Delhi

Software Testing Training in Noida

Software Testing Online Training | Software Testing Training in Noida | Software Testing Training in Delhi

Software Testing COURSE OVERVIEW

Are you looking for a Software testing training institute in Noida along with placements, then I would recommend you ShapeMySkills institute. This institute is located in Noida and it is one of the best software testing online training institutes. Software testing training in Noida with ShapeMySkills gives you knowledge regarding advanced software testing concepts and their execution in testing real-time projects. At the time of Software testing online training, you will get hands-on experience with several testing tools such as QTP, load runner, HP QC, etc. The trainers of the institute having experience of many years and they are very supportive and polite with their students.

Worldwide, there is a huge demand for software testing as per the changes in technology dynamics, methodology, and dynamics of business. After completion of Software testing training in Noida At ShapeMySkills, you will get a global certificate of Software testing course. Apart from the online training, they also offer a 100% job placement guarantee. They make all possible efforts to make their students perfectly trained and having confidence after completion of online training of Software testing course, to get a reputed job in the market.

With the increase in dependency on the internet, the use of software has also increased. For every tiny thing like booking online tickets, online classes, ordering food, games, e-shopping and many more things we use the internet and this software are required. So, indirectly around 80% of the things we do are performed using the software. To ease this use, we need the software to work efficiently. And the software will only work correctly when it is bugs free, thoroughly verified and can be developed further according to the requirements or changes in the future.

This verification and evaluation of the software where it is checked whether the software is bug-free or has any other issues is known as Software Testing. From this page, let’s know more about Software Testing, certification online/offline, its course, job opportunities, etc. 

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Introduction – What is Software Testing, and Why is it necessary?

We all make mistakes. Some of them are not important and can be corrected, but some can be expensive or life-threatening. That is why we have to test everything at least once after completing things because things may go wrong.

Human error can also cause a failure and defect at any stage of software development. That’s why Software Testing is necessary at every stage.

Software testing is the procedure of verifying and evaluating that a software product or application does what it is made to do. The advantages of Software testing are prevention of bugs, reduction in development costs and performance improvement. It also helps identify missing requirements, gaps and errors as per the actual requirement.

Only a few people will be against the need for quality control while developing the software. But, on the other hand, software defects or late delivery surely damage the brand’s reputation, thus leading to a decrease in customers. And in some extreme cases, a defect or a bug can also degrade the interconnected system or even cause serious malfunctions.

Thus testing software is essential, and the market needs individuals for this. There are many institutes related to Software Testing Training in Noida and other places preparing many individuals for Software Training through their online or offline training course.

First, let’s see the types of Software Testing.

Types of software testing

There are various types of software tests, each with its particular objectives and strategies:

  • Acceptance testing:   Verify if the whole system works as intended or not.
  • Integration testing: Ensure that the software components or functions operate together.
  • Unit testing: Validate that each software unit performs as expected. (A unit is the minor testable component of an application.)
  • Functional testing: Checking the functions by emulating business scenarios based on functional requirements. One of the common ways to verify functions is Black-box testing.
  • Performance testing: Testing to know about the software that performs under different workloads. For example, Load testing evaluates performance under real-life load conditions.
  • Regression testing:  Check whether the new features break or degrade functionality.
  • Stress testing: Test to check how much strain the system can take before it fails.
  • Usability testing: Validate how well a customer can use a web or system application to complete a task.

Why Should One Take Software Testing?

⮚ It’s challenging

⮚ It’s important

⮚ It’s creative

⮚ It’s data-driven

⮚ You get to test the limit/Products

⮚ It’s in demand

⮚ There are many paths

⮚ It’s a specialized skill

Career Scope after Software Testing Training at ShapeMySkills

Some of the essential career options after completing the Software Testing Training in Delhi or other places at ShapeMySkills are 

  1. Test Engineer – Senior test Engineer – Test lead – test manager QA lead – QA manager
  1. Supply Chain Analyst (SCM) – SCM manager Security tester – IS auditor – IS Manager
  1. Test Analyst- Senior test analyst – test manager – test center manager Business Analyst

Tools Engineer – Tools Architect

Who is Eligible for this Course?

Any individuals who have the below-mentioned skills (technical and non-technical) can join the Software Testing certification training online/offline. 

Non-Technical Skills

  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skill
  • Time Management
  • Positive attitude
  • Passion

Technical Skills

  • Basic knowledge of Database/ SQL
  • Knowledge and real-time experience of the Test Management Tool and any Defect Tracking tool
  • Basic knowledge of Linux commands
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience of Automation tool

Job Opportunities in Software Testing

Individuals who have completed the offline or Software Testing online course will be get posted at the following posts –

Test/Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer (Computer Software)

Software Tester

Senior Test Engineer

Software Test Lead

Test Engineer

Test Analyst

Senior Test/Quality Assurance Engineer, (Computer Software)

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer

Test/Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst, (Computer Software)

Senior Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst (Computer Software)

Course Content and Syllabus for Software Testing Training

Following is the general Software Testing course content and syllabus for both online and offline training-

Software systems and SDLC

  • Quality Assurance versus Quality Control
  • The Cost of Quality
  • How Quality is Defined
  • The Multiple Roles of the Software Tester
  • When Should Testing Occur?
  • Scope of Testing
  • Why Do We Test Software?
  • What is a Defect?
  • Software Quality Factors.
  • Testing Constraints
  • Life Cycle Testing
  • Independent Testing
  • What is the QA Process?
  • Levels of Testing

Testing Techniques

  • Structural versus Functional Technique Categories
  • Verification versus Validation
  • Static versus Dynamic Testing
  • Examples of Specific Testing Techniques

Test Administration

  • Test Planning
  • Customization of the Test Process
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling

Create the Test Plan

  • Prerequisites to Testing planning
  • Build the Test Plan
  • Understand the Characteristics of the Software Development
  • Write the Test Plan

Test Reporting

  • Prerequisites to Testing planning
  • Build the Test Plan
  • Write the Test Plan
  • Understand the Characteristics of the Software that is getting Developed

Automation Testing Basics

  • Factors for choosing a particular tool
  • Overall view of the significant functional testing tools and test management and bug tracking tools

Why ShapeMySkills is the Best Choice for Software Testing Training

Individuals who are looking for Best Software Testing Training Institute can join ShapeMySkills. The main priority of the institute is to make its students skilled and capable in their careers. The institute provides practical and theoretical knowledge to skilled and unskilled students through online and offline courses. 

There is also a Software Testing beginner course for individuals who will start their career in this field. So join the institute now to get the best Software training and prepare for your bright future.

Why Join This Training?

Software testing software is a method to check whether actual software products match expected needs and for ensuring that the software product is free from defects. It involves the implementation of software/system components that uses manual or automated tools to evaluate one or more properties of interest. The main purpose of software testing is to identify error gaps or missing needs in contrast to actual needs. In simple terms, software testing means verification of application under test (AUT). Software testing is necessary because if there is an error in the software, it can identify early and can solve before delivery of the software product.  Properly test software product ensures security, reliability, high performance that further result in time-saving, customer satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness. There are various benefits of using software testing that is cost-effective, security, and product quality, and customer satisfaction. Best Software testing Training In Delhi.

Nowadays, people have a desire to do Software Testing Training from the best training institute. To choose the best software testing training in Delhi, attend free live demo sessions and out of them select the best one as per your requirement. From my point of view, ShapeMySkills training institute is best for Software testing online training. So try once and if you feel satisfied then join it.

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