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Become A Certified

Become A Certified

Introduction to UI/UX Designing

User Interface is the process of transforming wireframes into user interfaces that are aesthetically pleasing and attractive. It includes menu bars, buttons, icons, and many more. 

User experience refers to the user’s experience or feeling while interacting with the products or services. It includes various product development processes such as branding, usability, designing, etc.

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Complete UI/UX Designing

Those who have good innovative skills can go ahead with UI/UX Designing. The duration of this course is around 3 months. 


UI/UX Designing + Development

You do not have to learn to code for completing your UI/UX Designing course. In this course, you will also learn about design and development in just 4 months.


Advanced UI/UX Designing Development

This 6 months course will help you to get good hands-on- experience in designing the products as well as you will learn development with coding. You will be working with HTML/CSS/JAVA and many more.

Become a Skilled
UI/UX Designer & Developer in 3-6 Months!

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I have been a graphic designer for a long time and was looking forward to a change in my career. Then after guidance from experts, I enrolled in the UI/UX design course to robust my career.


Thanks to the trainers as they were very supportive and helped me to get familiar with a number of career opportunities.


The best part about the UI/UX Design Course is that it is an interesting course and you can complete it in a minimum amount of time and investment.


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    A user interface is an interaction between the user and the product they are using and that’s why it focuses on interactive elements such as icons, buttons, and menu bars. On the other hand, the User experience is a complete process to design the product to provide excellent experiences to users.

    User Interface is about how the product’s interfaces look and function whereas User Experience refers to the overall feel of the experience as well as identifying and solving user problems.

    You can complete your UI/UX course in 3 months. However, if you want to learn development with coding, then it can take around 6 months to complete. 

    There are a number of career opportunities such as UX Researcher, UI/UX Designer, and Product Designer, or with experience, you can also become a developer.

    The main responsibility of a UI/UX Designer is to create user-friendly interfaces which help users to know how to use complex technical products.

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