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Top 10 Interview Questions of SEO in Digital Marketing

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SEO in digital marketing is one of the most important topics and also has a separate base in it. In rankings, SEO matters a lot to rank any website or any page. But we have to work on a website’s seo in a consistent way for better results. SEO does not give instant results, It wants your time, your consistency in your work and patience for best ranking results. 

We have to work on both types of seo: On page seo & Off page seo. On page seo, we work on inbound linking, readability, keyword density and many more,working on desktop or externally is on page seo. On the other hand, In Off page you have to do linking (Build links, Backlinks, guest posting and many more other things you have to do externally). If you are planning to start your career in digital marketing as an SEO expert then start your Digital Marketing Training in Noida and start your career training now.

Also, we conclude some best and most common questions of seo which will be  asked during your interview time. These questions will help you to crack your Interview. 

Here are top 10 Interview questions

1. What is SEO?

This is the most common and very first question asked by an interviewer and yes everyone knows, If you are giving any interview you have some deep knowledge about that particular field or position. What is it? , How will you do it, what you have to do in it, how can you complete your task etc. You should have to take it seriously if you really want to crack your interview at the very first time. 

2. What are the types of SEO?

Mainly, There are four types of SEO: On page seo, Off page seo, Technical seo, Local seo. 

  • On page SEO

In On page seo, we work on internal queries and have to set them like title tag, meta description, Keyword density, Keyword stuffing, readability, Feature Image and URL.  On page seo is one of the most common and very easiest ways to boost your web pages visibility. It is the way that involves website optimization. You can handle all the internal activity of your website that would be helpful to maintain your website professionally. 

  • Off Page SEO

In off page seo, we do work externally like make and set up outbound links on other websites for better rankings. This tells the humans and crawler that your website is trustworthy. It helps to reach top ranking on SERP rankings, boost reputation of your brand and Off page seo drives more traffic to your website.

  • Technical SEO 

Technical seo is to monitor or check your website address and performance in a consistent way. So you don’t have to worry about ranking, If you are doing these things continuously at your end. Technical seo increase your website’s page speed, Ensures that your website is mobile friendly, Duplicate content will be avoided and fix all the errors of your website. 

  • Local SEO

Local seo will be critical, If you have a physical storefront. It focuses only on regional search results. There is no standard seo presented at all. Local seo set your company appears on local companies search. This could be okay but not good.

3. How does SEO give ranking to your website ?

SEO mainly works on your site’s performance so there is a possibility to rank on search engines because It helps to improve our website’s content, our pages visibility, and make our content qualitative not quantitative. And when you work on all of these aspects of your websites there is more chance to rank on google, If you work on SEO in a consistent way. This ranking helps to drive more traffic to your business website.

4. What is the role of keywords in SEO?

Keywords are the main source to rank on search engines. When someone searches on google or search engine related to your business, your website will rank on top because that particular keyword is mentioned in your content so that would be so helpful to rank your blog, article or your website. Choosing the right keywords helps to reach your targeted audience. Keywords play a major role in ranking. If you are new in this field then you should take some Digital Marketing online Training that would help you to know more about SEO.

5. How can you make your website search engine friendly?

You can make your website search engine friendly by optimization. This optimization takes place with SEO, which is search engine optimization. SEO helps to increase the chance of your website to take place in the list of top 10 search engines. It is up to you, how much time do you take to make your website reliable to rank on google. SEO takes a minimum 6 months to show you the best results or you can say pay off of your hard work. Making your content SEO friendly will be the reason to make your website search engine friendly.

6. How much time SEO takes to give results on SERP results?

When you start working on your website on the behalf of SEO. It would take hardly 6 months to give you the best results. But It depends on your work consistency. If you are consistent in optimising your website on a regular basis then surely you will get the results in a short period of time(minimum 6 months) and If you are not working like that then you will get the results in a year or in a long period of time.

7. What is Keyword density and how does it work?

Keyword matters in ranking moreover anything in SEO But It also has some rules and limitations. SEO density is to add on keywords according to your words. It means how many words are in your content, google says there should be 1 to 2 percent keywords will be added on your content according to  your word counts. If your content has 500 words then your keywords will be 5 in it. If somehow you exceed the limits of keywords in your content then keyword density will become keyword stuffing and that is not good for your website because of this keyword stuffing there is less chance to rank on search engines.

8. Why is it important for businesses to work on Search Engine Optimization?

Yes, It is important for businesses to work on Search Engine Optimization If they want to do more business and want to set their business on top of the search engine. SEO sets an image of your business in the competitive market that will help to make your business trustworthy. And If google will rank your website It helps to reach your market niche online. The more you spend time on SEO, the more profit you will get through online marketing. 

9. Why should you choose SEO over Google Ads?

There is a huge difference between SEO and Google Ads. First one is that Google Ads are totally paid but on the other hand SEo is unpaid and organic. The benefits of Google Ads are only that It would give you the instant results in a short period of time and SEO takes a long time to give you the results but once seo give you the result, it would be the best results. SEO works organically and once your website or business takes place on search engines, there is no chance to lose your pay off of your hard work. It will remain on the search bar If you will be consistent in working on search engine optimization. Google is beneficial only for one time or till you spend money on it but SEO will be as it is on top if you will continue your work on your site’s performance and It is unpaid. SEO is the best lifetime tool to make your business goodwill in this competitive market.

10. Does SEO drive more traffic to your website?

SEO drives more traffic to your website because It works on your website’s proficiency that would be helpful to make your website clickable and rank on top of search engines. Everyone knows it whenever someone needs any products and services they open their google or search bars to search for the best results then google shows the result “pages” that are ranked pages or websites. This helps to generate more business because it drives more traffic or you can say that it targets your targeted audience. 


In this blog, we covered the 10 top most common and most asked Interview questions of SEO. This blog would be helpful for you If you are preparing for a job interview in SEO. Also, you can join Digital Marketing Training in Delhi to sustain your digital marketing strategy and gain more knowledge before starting a career in digital marketing. We are hoping that you liked our blog. If you have some questions or suggestions then please feel free to ask us. Thank you! 


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