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SAP FICO Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

SAP FICO training in Delhi

SAP FICO is considered a vital component of SAP ERP software that helps organizations manage financial management systems efficiently. On the other hand, the demand for FICO professionals is also increasing at high speed.

Thus, if you aspire to become an SAP FICO Consultant and prepare for the SAP FICO examination and interview process, you must be looking for question answers that will help you prepare. Well, for your convenience, here we have stated SAP FICO multiple choice questions and answers. 


Question: Posting in a G/L account is controlled by:

  1. Account group of the G/L account
  2. Field status group in the company code segment
  3. Field status group in the chart of accounts segment.
  4. All of the above.

Answer: (b)

Question: To post transactions to an account in any currency, should account currency?

  1. Account currency is different from company code currency.
  2. When you don’t maintain account currency.
  3. Account currency is the same as the local currency of the company code.
  4. All of the above.

Answer: (c)

Question: When a customer misses the payment for the outstanding invoice by payment due date, you can generate a letter using SAP FI and send it to the customer address for reminding the customer of the outstanding payment. This is known?

  1. Dunning
  2. Month-end closing
  3. Rounding Differences
  4. None of these

Answer: (a)

Question: If we are using the same chart of accounts in more than one company code

  1. The company code segments are identical in all company codes.
  2. The currency in the company code segment in all company codes is the same.
  3. The group account number is different in all company codes.
  4. The account name and account number are the same in all company codes.

Answer: (d)

Question: While creating a sample account, the following information may be entered:

  1. Only company code segment data.
  2. Only COA segment data.
  3. Both COA segment and company code segment data.
  4. Only account control and account management data from the company code segment.

Answer: (c)

Question: Which of the following t-codes can be used to post incoming payments?

  1. F18
  2. F11
  3. F38
  4. F28

Answer: (d)

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