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Overview of the SAP MM module

SAP MM Training in Delhi

In this blog, we provide a complete overview of the SAP MM Module. So, those who want to know about the same information can go through this blog completely. Nowadays, the scope of SAP MM is increasing day by day therefore many people use to get SAP MM Online Training. There are various SAP Training institutes in Noida for SAP MM Training. You can prefer ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd, the best SAP Training institute in Noida. This institute provides both online and offline sessions to their students and gives training as per the requirement of industries.

What is SAP MM?

SAP MM i.e. System, Applications, and Products– Material Management. It is one of the essential key modules of SAP. SAP MM module provides companies with inventory, materials, and warehouse management capabilities. SAP MM plays a vital role in the manufacturer’s supply chain. The main objective of SAP MM ensures that materials are always kept in appropriate quantities and there should be no shortage in the company supply chain. SAP MM also helps to deal with day-to-day changes in these processes. SAP MM also integrates with other SAP modules that are Plant Maintenance (PM), Quality Management (QM), Sales and Distribution (SD), Production Planning (PP), Human Capital Management (HCM), FICO (Finance and Controlling). There 2 main components of SAP MM:

  • MM Stocks: Stock Management
  • MM Purchasing: Purchasing and supply management

MM Stocks

  • Manage material stocks in quantity and value
  • Recording stock movements
  • Reserve stock quantities
  • Manage stocks by material “batch”
  • Carry out the physical inventory

MM Purchasing 

  • Plan the requirements
  • Manage the purchasing
  • Controlling supplies
  • Checking invoices
  • Manage subcontracting 
  • Manage supplier payments

SAP Business Process

SAP MM roles in the business process are as follows:

  • In SAP, the business process is termed as “Module”
  • SAP MM is part of logistics functions and it helps to manage the procurement activities of the company.
  • Support all characteristics of Material Management
  • SAP MM is the backbone of logistics that incorporates modules like SD, PP, PM, Project Systems, and Warehouse Management.

SAP MM Features

There are various features of SAP MM that are:

  • One of the key modules of SAP is SAP MM that deals with inventory management and MM i.e. Material management.
  • Material Management is the process that ensures that there is no shortage of any material or any gap in the process of the supply chain of the company. SAP MM makes the business run smoothly with complete time and cost-efficiency.
  • It deals to manage the materials and resources of a company to accelerate productivity and reduce cost.
  • Material management deals with master data, procurement process, Account Determination, Valuation of Material, Invoice Verification, inventory management, material requirement planning, etc.

So, guys, this is all about the overview of the SAP MM module. Hope you understand and like it.


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