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SAP MM Online Training Module for Beginners in 2021

SAP MM Online Training Module for Beginners in 2021

In this article, we are discussing SAP MM Online Training Module for Beginners in 2021 but before that, you must know something about SAP. SAP AG in Germany has first developed SAP ERP i.e. System, Applications, and Products (Enterprise Resource Planning). SAP ERP has various modules that permit the business for delivering brilliant customer satisfaction at the time of taking full control of daily operations for maximizing results. Out of all modules, there is one module i.e. SAP MM (Material Management) that is the part of logistics area and is frequently integrated into production and manufacturing services that make use of SAP.

SAP MM (Material Management) module holds inventory and procurement functions of companies that engage in big volumes to purchase by giving them concrete control of batch management, inventory management, client categorization, valuation, purchasing, invoice verification, and procurement process, etc. If you consider a career path as an SAP MM Consultant the forecast is essentially never-ending. SAP MM is fully integrated with other modules such as Quality Management (QM), finance (FI), controlling (CO), production planning (PP), Warehouse Management (WM), Sales and Distribution (SD), etc.

Concept of Material Planning

The user must understand the inventory approach that will use in the module. In the module, Consumption-Based Planning (CBP) and Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) are 2 types of material planning procedures. Inventory control aspects are based on the model that businesses decide to adopt and form an essential part of a model that businesses decide for adopting and forming an essential part of the Material management process.

Phases of Process Flow in SAP MM

n the module, the process flow is taken into consideration the complete cycle that material of service must follow from the starting the complete system to the moment it is delivered to party and transaction is complete. There is total 7 phases in MM (material management) process flow and these are given below:

  • Determination of Requirements
  • Source Determination
  • Vendor selection & Comparison of Quotations
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Purchase order Follow-ups
  • Goods Receiving & Inventory Mgt
  • Invoice Verification

There is a lot of scope of SAP MM in the market therefore; most people want to learn SAP MM online training courses from the best SAP Training Institute. There are various SAP training institutes in the market, especially in Delhi NCR. Many people are looking for SAP MM training in Delhi NCR. So from my point of view, ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd is one of the best SAP training institutes for SAP MM Training In Noida. They offer good facilities to their students and also provide both online and offline classes to students as per their comfortability.


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