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Is SAP FICO a Good Career Option in the Future?

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The first question that comes to mind is whether you are a beginner and an SAP FICO person. So, to simplify your question, I am preparing a separate article on this question to give you a step-by-step guide. Its summary is below:

If you are a beginner or a newbie:

  1. Do Work as an End User for 1-2 years – First, find a job that includes business operations. This means an A / R job. A / P, Cost Calculations, etc. There are many companies where SAP is used as a software program.
  2. Read SAP FICO With Free Sources – Use Tutorials, Study Videos, Posts, and Articles in SAP FICO
  3. Get SAP FICO Online Training – Choose a coach wisely and get the right end-to-end training with SAP FICO. This should include functionality and system configuration. You can see that PPt will not help you in real-time.
  4. Practice & Practice – Keep practicing according to your training so you don’t forget what you are learning.
  5. Start looking for Jobs in SAP FICO Training in Delhi – Hold any FICO role you find. It can be a Major user, a power user, a tester, or a consultant. Even if you don’t get the role of coordinator, don’t worry. Start with a low profile. Then continue looking for the role of coordinator. After the experience, you would definitely not get one.

If you are an experienced but new professional at SAP

Skip the first step above and start the second step. The rest of the process is the same.


The hierarchy positions in SAP FICO are focused on growth. It gives you a long-term growth structure for your career. Not only this, but it is also flexible. You are free to move from the ECC to other forums in SAP (such as HANA), whenever you wish, as they are associated with common sense. This is the reason why many FICO professionals switch to HANA after working for a few years at ECC by developing their knowledge and skills.

Who can do SAP FICO?

There are no minimum qualifications set to perform SAP FICO. Anyone with a deep interest in doing SAP work can do SAP FICO. However, some qualifications are useful for learning and understanding SAP FICO, if you have them. Here are the following:

  • Someone with a B.Com or M.Com Degree
  • A person with a BBA or MBA degree
  • Anyone who has done CA, CS, CFA
  • Someone who has experience working on any Accounting software
  • Anyone with basic Account knowledge (Accounting Terms, Journal Entries, etc.)

How wide is SAP FICO?

The range of SAP FICO is huge.

Many industries operate the ECC model and apply FICO to the active part of their business process. As a result, many FICO professionals and end-users work on initiating and supporting tasks. Don’t forget, this is increasing day by day. Day by day, industries that work with non-ERP models now switch to the ERP system in order to manage their businesses more efficiently and transparently. As SAP is the world’s leading ERP software, it is becoming the most sought-after ERP in the industrial sector.


As Finance and Management Accounting are the two main departments of any small or large industry, the organization with SAP ERP, has SAP FICO.

Although SAP has moved ahead with the ECC with the launch of the HANA series (beginning June 2011), SAP FICO is still holding on to its reputation and demand in all industries.


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