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How to Understand SAP Modules in 5 minutes?

SAP MM Online Training

What is SAP? That’s a really simple question of what one of the most complex business software programs out there is.

Here are 10 top strategies you can use when deciding where to focus. Undoubtedly, some may have a different approach but this has worked for me.

  1. Reflecting on what you have already read is probably the most obvious way to start. If you have studied Human Resources, the HCM (Human Capital Management in SAPANese) module would be an obvious choice.
  2. If you have work experience, where would you like to know ‘In-depth Information’? For example, I have an in-depth aviation care center (Repairs, Repairs, and Repairs), and that has led to operations within SAP Industry Solutions with some MRO features within them, such as airlines, trucks, ships, and trains. Most break down and need to be repaired at some point.
  3. Or you can take a step back and ask yourself, “which module will lead to more work on existing projects”, i.e., Business Intelligence. New managers want new reports.
  4. Another decision-making process will involve thinking about the responsibilities that every company has. Finance is always needed and almost always one of the first important modules in use, and although it seems to be at a high level, in fact, it undergoes a continuous change from a change in law, regulation, or even ideology. Ever heard of the Beyond Budgeting movement?
  5. SAP is a large country, and working on the negotiating side to create configuration is a small part of the SAP universe. Do you have a knack for communicating complex ideas, negotiating, and driving deals forward, perhaps marketing is your own business?
  6. If you like to write code, even though you may not know the ABAP language (one of the many you can use well within SAP MM Online Training), then the technical role may be for you. However, you have a lot of ‘technical’ roles to take on, from implementing project implementation to a project to developing advanced web statistics solutions or setting up cloud-managed infrastructure. Just do it right.
  7. If you can understand making a quarter of a million miles a year especially in the economic sector, then perhaps making support is your decision. This can happen in many ways, from being in a client support group to working with SAP or an outside company. But be warned, as you have run and brought support, this is a ‘challenging’ task and not for everyone.
  8. If you are an experienced professional, you do not need me to tell you which way to go. But I would say that there is a lot of room in the industry for those who can combine in-depth industry knowledge with both SAP and non-SAP contributions to niche drawing niche in ‘transformation’ activities.
  9. One option is to avoid becoming an expert in any particular module and instead, focus on ‘changing management’. Every successful project depends on successful change management. Maybe the only job you can actually ‘enjoy’!
  10. Finally, no matter what part or area you decide to pursue, be prepared to enter ‘everything’ for the first six months on the research side — and don’t stop studying. You will be a little dangerous.

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