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Flask vs Django in 2022: Which Framework to Choose?

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Flask vs. Django is the most talked-about option out of the many common ones. There’s a good reason for that: they are alike and different in some ways. This makes it possible to compare the two. Each of these web development frameworks has its own set of features, but there are a few things you should think about before choosing one for your apps.

What is Django?

Django is a web application framework that takes care of many of the everyday tasks needed to make websites that are stable and easy to maintain. It is a web framework written in Python that is free and open source. Join Django Training in Noida to learn more.

Features of Django

o It’s a flexible platform that can make any website, like a social network, news site, or content management system, using HTML, XML, JSON, and other formats for content.

o It takes care of user identity management, transaction management, cross-site request forgery, click jacking, and other security issues.

Advantages of Django

It has an easy-to-use interface that can be used for various administrative tasks.

It has a built-in internationalization plan that lets it include websites in more than one language.

What is Flask?

Flask is a small framework that is easy to use. It is often called a micro framework. Python is used to write both Django and Flask. Flask has some basic features built-in, and developers can add as many libraries or plugins to an extension.

Features of Flask

o Gives you (the developer) complete control over how the application is built while being built (implemented).

o It comes with a fast debugger and a development server.

Advantages of Flask

o better connections thanks to new technology

o It’s easier to use for simple things.

o There are a lot of ways to make simple apps grow.


Django is a web platform written in Python that is free and open source. It is built using the model-template-views pattern. On the other hand, Flask is a small framework that can be used to make simple web apps that don’t need any extra libraries. The best way to figure out which framework is best for your project is to make a few simple CRUD apps for both frameworks and enroll in Django Training institute.

If you want fine-grained control, you should use Flask. On the other hand, a Django developer builds unique websites with the help of a large community. With Django and the REST Framework, you can make powerful APIs, but Flask takes more work and has a higher chance of mistakes. Django Training in Delhi from ShapeMySkills Pvt ltd institute can help you understand more about the framework.


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