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Best 200+ topic-wise SAP MM Interview Questions and Answers for 2021

SAP MM Training in Delhi
  1. Explain what SAP MM is?

SAP MM is a functional module in SAP that deals with procurement handling and material management.

What are the essential components in SAP MM?

  • Determine requirements
  • Source determination
  • Vendor Selection
  • Order Processing
  • Order follow up
  • Goods receipts and Inventory management
  • Invoice Verification

Mention what are the types of special stock available?

The types of special stock available are subcontracting, consignment, project, pipeline, sales order, stock transfer, returnable packaging with the customer, etc.

List out important fields in the purchasing view?

The critical fields in purchasing view are

  • The base unit of measure
  • Order unit
  • Purchasing group
  • Material group
  • Valid from
  • Tax indicator for the material
  • Manufacturer part number
  • Manufacturer, etc.

Explain how you can link a document to a vendor master record?

To link the document with the vendor master record by using the XK01 transaction code or by using the following menu path

  • SAP Menu > Logistics > Material Management > Purchasing > Master Data > Vendor > Central > XK01- Create.

Mention what are the major purchasing tables? List the transaction codes for them?

  • Purchase requisition > EKBN
  • Purchase requisition account assignment > EBKN
  • Release documentation > EKAB
  • History of purchase documents > EKBE

Mention what is the data contained in the information record?

The information record contains data related to the units of measurement, such as the products, vendor price, materials used by specific vendors, etc. It also contains information on the tolerance limit of the under-delivery of data, vendor evaluation data, planned delivery time, availability status for goods.

Mention what is the transaction code to delete a batch?

The transaction code MSC2N is used to delete a batch. By flagging the batch master record, you can delete a batch record alternatively.

Mention what is the transaction code used to extend the material view?

To extend the material view transaction, code MM50 is used.

Explain how you can change the standard price in the master material?

The standard price for the material data cannot be updated or changed direction. However, to change the standard price you can perform the following steps

  • Fill in the future fields price ( MBEW-ZKPRS ) and the effective data ( MBEW- ZKDAT) for the materials
  • Select Logistics > Material Management > Valuation > Valuation Price Determination > Future Price

What is Source List and what is the transaction code for creating a Source List?

To identify sources of supply for materials a source list is used. To create a source list the transaction code used is ME01.

For creating a purchasing info record what are the prerequisites?

The prerequisites for creating a purchase info record are

  • Material Number
  • MPN ( Manufacturer Part Number )
  • Vendor Number
  • Organizational level code
  • Explain the terms Planned delivery and GR processing time?

Planned delivery means a number of calendar days required to obtain the material, and GR processing means a number of workdays required after receiving the material for inspection and placement into storage.

What is the purchase requisition related to SAP? Mention the document types that are used in purchase requisition?

Purchase requisition in SAP MM Training in Delhi determines both stock and non-stock items to the purchasing department. It can be done either manually or automatically, the document types used in purchase requisition are

  • RFO ( Request For Quotation )
  • Outline Agreement
  • PO ( Purchasing Order )

Explain how consignment stocks are created?

In the normal purchase order or requisition, consignment stocks are created. While creating consignment stocks things to be considered is that you must enter the K category for the consignment item. As a result, the goods issued are posted to consignment stores, and invoice receipt is not generated.


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