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An Important Guide on SAP FICO Consultant Roles and Responsibilities in 2021

An Important Guide on SAP FICO Consultant Roles and Responsibilities in 2021

SAP FICO consultant works on SAP implementation project. Consultants configure SAP financial and Mgt Accounting into SAP ERP system of company and take care of responsibilities. Guys, here in this article I am going to discuss SAP FICO Consultant Roles and Responsibilities in 2021. You get almost all types of FICO consultant profiles, roles, and responsibilities that you require to perform being one. So, guys, read this article carefully to understand what an employer expects as an SAP FICO consultant from you.

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The Career of SAP FICO Consultant

Making a career in SAP FICO is interesting and it engages plenty of growth opportunities and a well-structured hierarchy. Guys, if you want to become a proficient SAP consultant then you must need to understand all job roles. You also require to learn all essential skills for becoming a valuable resource for your company. SAP FICO consultant job roles are a mix of non-technical and technical duties. You must know the configuration but also support the task too. This you require to work in good management with the team and users.  

SAP FICO Consultant (Non-Technical Duties)

These SAP FICO consultants not only perform technical duties but also perform non-technical duties. They configure the system with SAP ERP financials and also make them work effectively and used by users. Let’s read what all are included in Non-technical duties:

  • SAP FICO Consultant is the Customer’s Representative: SAP FICO consultant is responsible to talk with customer’s representatives to transform the business needs into an abstract and algorithm business model.  SAP FICO consultant identifies the use cases and transforms them into logical and technical views.
  • He takes care of Users Training: It is also the duty of SAP FICO consultants that they need to take care of training given to users and that system is usable performs appropriately and business flow is complete and accurate.
  • Makes Financial Documentation: SAP FICO consultant handle all documents financial settings and prepare correct guidelines that permit others, consultant, to do further changes.

These are some of the duties of SAP FICO consultant (Non-technical) and some of SAP FICO consultant duties for non-technical are Configuring Business Area and SAP FICO Consultant handles Post-Go-Live Functionality etc.

SAP FICO Consultant (Technical Assistance Duties)

Along with non-technical duties, the main job of SAP FICO consultants is to do technical work in SAP project execution. Check out the list of responsibilities from below:

  • Role of FICO Consultant at an End To End Implementation: main duty of SAP FICO consultant is to transfer external know-how to the customer. It is the intelligence, feeling for defect, understanding of the process, and general common sense that counts.
  • Documenting Configuration: Everything configures have documented as per categories in predefined templates form. All these have to be approved by team leads or project managers.
  • Designing Business Process: SAP FICO consultant must know design current business flows, current business process, study current business processes and its complication, all we can say get through with current business set up.
  • Mapping and GAP Analysis: This is done for all modules. Before start configuration future business process in SAP. Prepare TO BE that can also be said a result of GAP and mapping analysis. Sometimes functional consultant is expected to prepare a script of test for configuration scenarios testing.
  • User-Training: From the FICO consultant, there is the expectation of the End-User manual and user training.

Execution Of ASAP Methodology

 It is SAP standard execution methodology that SAP prescribes but the company doesn’t need to follow but advises to follow the same.

  • Phase 1: Project Preparation
  • Phase- 2 – Blueprint Phase
  • Phase- 3 – Realization
  • Phase- 4 – Final Preparation
  • Phase- 5 & 6 – Go Live And Support

Guys, hope it is clear that what you need to work upon to become a successful SAP FICO consultant.  SAP FICO consultant is the most famous application of many SAP modules. It also creates a good number of needs for FICO consultants. SAP FICO consultant profile is versatile, so you find it interesting to work on. As you have many types of responsibilities so you will not get bored with the work. You have mixed duties so analyze all the job roles and prepare yourself for each duty very well.


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