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Why Software Testing is very Popular in 2022?

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Many software testers have transitioned from trying to keep up with remote work conditions to embracing an agile strategy fueled by AI, machine learning, and data analytics since 2020. Digital transformation activities have accelerated the pace and scope of quality assurance innovation by 2021. For example, in light of recent sharp increases in client demand, several organizations have chosen to use load testing methodologies to ensure excellent product performance. They’ve also done risk-based automated testing to plan for foreseeable scenarios and respond to unanticipated events.

On the other hand, disruptive technologies aren’t exactly new in the world of software testing. Hyper-automation, mobile test automation, multi-device testing, IoT testing, and different cutting-edge testing approaches have seen a boom in use in recent years. Software Testing Training in Noida will be helpful for you if you want to get the proper knowledge.

DevOps and Agile

Agile has been adopted to respond to constantly changing requirements, while DevOps has been adopted as a response to the desire for speed.

DevOps is a set of principles, rules, processes, and technologies for integrating development and operations activities to shorten the time between development and operations. DevOps has become a generally acknowledged option for companies wanting to reduce the time it takes from creation to delivery and function of the software.

The use of Agile and DevOps enables teams to develop and deploy high-quality software more quickly, which is referred to as “Quality of Speed.” Over the last five years, there has been a surge in interest in this adoption, which is expected to continue in the following years.

Test Automation

Test automation is a vital component of the DevOps process, and software teams cannot neglect it if they want to apply DevOps practices effectively.

They must look for ways to automate testing to replace manual testing. Because test automation is a significant bottleneck in DevOps, most regression testing should be automated at the very least.

Given the popularity of DevOps and test automation being underutilized (less than 20% of testing is automated), there is plenty of room for test automation adoption in enterprises to grow. More complex approaches and technologies need to be developed to improve the use of test automation in projects.

Popular automation tools like Selenium, Katalon, and TestComplete constantly improve with new capabilities that make automation much easier and more successful.

APIs and Services Test Automation

In both Web and mobile application design, decoupling the client and server is a contemporary trend.

APIs and services are frequently reused across multiple applications or components. As a result of these changes, teams must test APIs and services independently of the applications that use them.

Testing APIs and services are more effective and efficient than testing client apps and components when used across client applications and components. The need for API and services test automation is on the rise, possibly overtaking end-user functionality on user interfaces.

Having the correct approach, tool, and solution for API automation testing is more critical than ever. As a result, understanding the finest API Testing Tools for your testing projects is worthwhile.


Organizations and individuals alike must keep up with industry trends. Maintaining awareness of these patterns would allow test professionals, organizations, and teams to stay ahead of the curve. Software Testing Training in Noida at ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd Institute will be helpful for you if you want to get the proper knowledge.


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