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Why is SAP Career Booming in India?

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SAP Online Training itself is a good platform but only for knowledgeable and lucky people and is still a market leader in the ERP segment and will remain so for many years to come. Anyone who wishes to join SAP please do so, if you are lucky and work hard you will have a good job.

As for me – I was an engineer in the manufacturing industry (working for 5+ years), I switched to SAP and got a job after so much hard work, I did projects but I left after 2 years because it didn’t make sense to me.

Most people do not even know the truth of SAP Training in Delhis work, in fact what the pros and cons are, often without proper guidance and leading to a miserable life.

Why do people choose SAP?

  • A large number of people working in the manufacturing industry (chemical plants, automobiles, metal industries etc.) have a very difficult profile. For example, in the case of a repair engineer, the work can be very difficult, physically, with no entertainment and great pressure to keep the equipment running. Now engineers who are entering the main fields now after a few years (or many years) when they see that friends are doing a very cool job of being a techie (which is not at all), think of another solution. They look for fields where they can migrate leaving behind all the years of experience in the plant.
  • They think they will get a much higher package than the current job and salary
  • They will have a relatively stress-free life
  • They will have a very good job ahead
  • They will travel to many countries
  • They will end up earning millions of Rupees
  • It is easy to log into SAP at any stage, just get a certificate and the job is secure.
  • They will actually work on cool software that shows ingenuity

What is the real truth?

  • People leave their current job to look for better options in SAP but everything is a dream and it just makes life miserable.
  • SAP certificate is shit. Don’t do it, always. You will spend at least 4 lacs and end up getting a certificate but what happens after that? After certification, your institution takes your cv and confirms that we forward it to companies. You wait and wait but nothing happens … because there really is no set. The reason? The SAP certificate course is a sheet containing 4 books to read. The actual implementation of SAP and other SAP activities is more than what they teach at SAP. Do you really think that a 20-day study can get you a job in 10 lacs quickly? SAP is a very difficult task and requires deep skills. No one can enter SAP without previous SAP experience.
  • If you are lucky and learn the basics, you get a job in a 3-level company. The first package can be as low as 1.4 lacs. Even after that, the package is not large in SAP, Normal unless you are working out.
  • What is the SAP Training in Noida activity profile? There are two options – working on a new implementation project or solving problems in an already launched project (support). Now the truth is, most of the big companies have launched Sap. Small companies cannot afford such expensive software. Only a few medium-sized companies use projects or if there is an expansion of a plant unit, there is a flexible project. That is, there is only a backup job left that is a repair job. There is a problem on the client side and you have to resolve it. Ironically, without a startup you can learn nothing and companies will not put you in the project unless you know something.

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