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Who Can Take Up a Career in SAP?

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At a basic level, you will need an interest in IT so learning coding and configuration will help give you a good foundation of knowledge. Because SAP Training in Noida is used so widely across different business functions, at a degree level, there are many options available to set you up for an SAP Online Training career – an international trade degree or commercial background is a good prerequisite to becoming an SAP SD Consultant, an accountancy or finance degree/background is suitable for a job as an SAP FICO Consultant and a sociology/HR degree could help you become an SAP HR Consultant. So whilst a passion for IT is important, so too is the desire to understand business and apply your business knowledge to the way your IT systems operate.

Your route into SAP Training in Delhi will also vary depending on whether you opt for a technical or functional role. Technical roles will be more suited to those interested in programming, whereas functional roles are more for those who enjoy managing relationships and configuring systems to suit client requirements. The technical consultant plays a crucial role in every project, assisting the functional consultant in altering the system to address specific client needs.

Get Important Work Experience

If you are leaving education and learning, the best way to get job experience is to look at the role as a system user or as a junior mentor. These roles will allow you to learn to adjust the system and may give you the opportunity to work with a great mentor, which is a rewarding learning experience. The work of large corporations may also open up opportunities to study a variety of certificates, which can be costly.

What does it look like to attract companies?

From a company perspective, one of the most important skills of an SAP coordinator is the ability to set up programs. Obtaining a certificate is amazing and serves as a testament to your experience but is not essential to a successful SAP project. If you are an intelligent person, have a strong understanding of systems, and have a desire to continue learning, you will be compared to an SAP job. The best way to develop is to know what you want to become an expert at and to understand how to get the skills and knowledge that will make you an expert in that field. Keeping up-to-date with industry knowledge and qualifications will also help you to come up with unique ideas for each category of work.


SAP is widely used in all different corporate functions, at the degree level, there are a few easy-to-find options for setting up an SAP job, an international trade degree or a commercial domain is a must if you are an SAP Coordinator. And the main thing is that having a strong love for IT is very important, then one will have a desire to understand the business process in-depth and how to use the whole IT system.

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