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What’s new in SQL Server on AWS?

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Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular cloud computing platforms which is also providing customers with the license of SQL Server. With the help of such services, users are running their workload with better performance and reliability. As AWS is evolving, cost-effective, and efficient, that’s why several individuals are taking AWS Training in Noida to know its application in a more professional way.

New Updates in SQL Server 2022 

After the release of SQL Server 2022, multiple changes, and features have been added. They are important to know for performing analytics, security, management, and other functions. Interested candidates can get familiar with all these either by enrolling in the best training session or by going through various resources. In this blog, we are going to provide some information about the same. However, to dig deep into such topics, you can connect with industry experts. 

Get familiar with all the latest updates : 

  •  Licenses including Amazon Machine Images (AMIs ) : 

The customers are given access to AWS licenses which also include Amazon Machine Images (AMI) which are installed on various platforms such as Linux, Windows, and on others. The users can also use SQL Server 2022 Developer addition along with providing the license for the same. 

  • Directly Backup and Restore to Amazon S3 : 

The SQL server also allows customers to store their database in Amazon Simple Storage Service ( Amazon S3 ). By doing so, backup storage scalability will increase, restore time will reduce, decrease backup cost and much more. When users will get access to Amazon S3 will provide great benefits such as low SQL Server TCO, reduced management overhead, and improved performance. 

  • Security Services : 

One of the most demanding features of an SQL server is that of security. Customers can encrypt their data by using SQL Server’s Transparent Data Encryption and by Transport Layer Security.

To know more about such upcoming features or services, you can take AWS Training in Delhi from a leading institute for educational platforms. 

  • Contained Availability Groups : 

Database users, database permissions, SQL server logins, and SQL server agent jobs are contained in the SQL server instance level and availability group level. The main advantage of this is that it reduces the risk of the object being out of sync and also reduces the management overhead. 

  • Enhancement in Performance :

There is a great improvement in the performance due to updates in the SQL server on AWS. Those who are running memory-optimized instances can notice improvement because multiple CPUs are used. Apart from this, SQL Server tempdb contention has also been addressed in the SQL Server 2022. 

There are other features too that customers can enjoy such as Degree of Parallelism (DOP) feedback for optimizing workload to avoid various issues, opportunities for saving cost, and for other purposes. 

Another one is the  Parameter Sensitive Plan (PSP) Optimization which enables multiple cached plans for a single statement. 


From the above information, we can conclude that all these services provide great benefits to customers. We can notice a reduction in required resources, a decrease in cost, and predictive performance. Therefore, learners are showing their interest in AWS Online Training to acquire the best practical training. Those who are willing to make their career in AWS will get basic to advanced levels of information. The learners will know about How Does It Work and Services? That’s why enrolling in training sessions is one of the best ways to excel and receive the best knowledge. 


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