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What is the difference between Business Analytics and Data Science?

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Business Analytics and Data Science are often used together, but they have different roles to play! Due to this, people often get confused between these terms. Well, data science is studying data with the help of algorithms, statistics, and technology.

On the other hand, Business Analytics is known as the study of a company’s data that help in offering helpful information and insights. Thus, these terms revolve around gathering data and finding out insights, but they have distinct roles. Therefore, in this article, we will help you understand the difference between Business Analytics and Data Science.

Difference between Business Analytics and Data Science

Data Science

Business Analytics

Data science is a method of preparing data with the help of different patterns and trends.

Business Analytics was known as a method by which historical data is analyzed to find out valuable information regarding the business.

Structured and unstructured data are used.

Only structured data is used.

Various industries such as machine learning, e-commerce, finance, manufacturing use data science. 

The application of Business Analytics is found in various leading industries such as healthcare, telecommunications, marketing, finance, etc.

Data science includes a lot of coding.

However, Business Analytics doesn’t comprise much coding as it is statistics-oriented.


Skills of a Data Scientist:

# To become a data scientist, one should have a good understanding of statistical methods.

# One must have good analytic problem-solving skills.

# Knowledge of R and SAS languages are a must.

# Individuals should be aware of Machine learning techniques.

Skills of a Business Analyst:

# One should have the capability to understand delegated objectives.

# Creative thinking and programming skills are added benefits.

# Technical skills and effective communication are a must.

# Individual must be able to use survey/query software and tools.

# Business Analysts should have the ability to gather, unify and interpret numerical data.

# Analytical reasoning ability is also a must.

On the whole:

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