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What is STAAD Pro? What is the way to learn STAAD Pro software online?

ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd offers the best Staad Pro Training Course in Noida. In the year 1997, Research Engineers International developed STAAD or (STAAD.Pro). This software is a 3D structural analysis and design software application.

Globally, it is one of the widely used design software and structural analysis products. STAAD Pro supports more than 90 international steel, timber, concrete, and aluminum design codes. In design analysis, IS code application is design for maintaining standards and in Structural analysis, importance is given for solving the force effects. With the help of a software flexibility modeling environment, fluent data collaboration, and advanced features, engineers permit to analyze and design any type of structure.

For civil engineers, STAAD Pro is an essential tool. STAAD Pro online training can make use of many forms of analysis like 1st order static analysis, Geometric non-linear analysis, 2nd order p-delta analysis, and buckling analysis. Our institute i.e. ShapeMySkills provides the best STAAD Pro training in Noida and it plays a vital role for civil engineers.

The Demand of Industry and Career In STAAD PRO

There is a huge demand for people learning STAAD PRO software. There is always a requirement of skilled, competent, and technically strong professionals that easily crack high technical issues. So, those who want to do Staad Pro Online Training can join ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd and learn the Staad Pro Training Course seriously. The demand for STAAD Pro professionals is high in the countries like Qatar, Dubai, etc due to a large number of ambitious projects and construction projects.

Features of STAAD PRO Software

  • Analytical Modeling
  • STAAD building Planner
  • Steel AutoDrafter
  • Physical Modeling
  • STAAD.Beava
  • Advanced Concrete Design
  • Earthquake Mode
  • Advanced Slab Design
  • OpenSTAAD Macro Editor

Benefits of STAAD PRO Software

  • You will get to know that how to get isometric, 3D shapes, and perspectives.
  • Get awareness that how to design concrete structures such as columns/beams/slabs/footings as per the international codes.
  • Get learns that how to make text/graphics input and also get to know that how to implement flexible zoom and many views.
  • Knowledge on how to perform code check, member selection, and optimized part selection comprising of design/analysis cycles.
  • Learn how to finish whole object-oriented automatic 3D/2D graphic model creation.
  • Learn how to do efficient algorithm
  • Figure out that how to accomplish user-determined design parameters for altering the design.

Advantages of Learning STAAD PRO Software

  • Do not involve in any manual calculation
  • A fast method to design the structure
  • Accuracy in result
  • Appropriate for all material types for designing i.e. aluminum, steel, concrete, etc
  • Simple and easy to learn STAAD PRO Software
  • Help for making progress in sections, dimensions, and structure
  • Design the structure for any type of load i.e. snow load, wind load, area load, dead load, floor load, etc
  • You can easily import the design from auto CAD to STAAD

What is the way to learn STAAD Pro software online?

There are many ways to learn STAAD PRO Software online. Many people upload videos on YouTube for people who want to learn STAAD PRO Software online. But if you want to learn STAAD Pro software in-Depth then must do STAAD PRO online course from the best STAAD.Pro training institute. In Delhi NCR there are many training institutes but out of entire institutes, our institute i.e. ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd is best for STAAD pro training via both online and offline mode. After completion of training, the institute provides STAAD Pro certification that will help you to get a job in a reputed company.


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