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What is Data Science? Course details, careers, jobs, requirements, syllabus.

Data Science Training in Noida

Data Science is defined as unifying of mathematics, tools, algorithm, and machine learning techniques and business acumen and all of this help us to find out hidden insights from the raw data that can be of major use in large business decisions formation. In the data structure, you may deal with both unstructured and structured data. The algorithm also engages predictive analytics in them and data science is all about the present and future which means find out the trend based on historical data that may be useful for making present decisions and also find the patterns that may be modeled and used for predictions for seeing what things can look like in the future.

Data Science is the combination of tools, business knowledge, and statistics. So, it becomes very important for data scientists to have a good knowledge and understanding of data science.

Why Learn Data Science?

Nowadays, Data Science is a necessity for companies as the amount of data is generated and evolutes in the analytics field. For making the most out of their data, companies from all domains, marketing, finance, retail, IT, or bank all are in search of a data scientist. This led to the huge demand for data scientists all over the world. Presently, this is the trending job in the market and the main benefit of this field is anyone who belongs to any background can make a career as a Data Scientist. So, if anyone has the interest to do Data Science Online Training can rely on ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd. This institute is best for Data Science Training in Noida. So, you are advised to attend a demo session at this institute and make your decision.

Data Science Components

Data Science containing 3 types that are:

  • Machine Learning: ML includes algorithms and mathematical models, mainly employed for making machines learn and prepare them for adapting to each day’s advancements.
  • Business Intelligence: Every day, the business produces too much data. This data analyzes carefully and present in visual reports that involve graphs that may bring good decision-making to life. This may aid the management to make the best decision after careful research into patterns and information the reports bring to life.
  • Big Data: Each Day, humans produce so much data in the form of orders, clicks, images, comments, videos, RSS feed, Articles, etc. Generally, the data is unstructured and it is often known as big data. Big data tools and techniques help to convert unstructured data into structured form.

Required Skills


  • In-depth Knowledge in R
  • Python Coding
  • MS Excel
  • Hadoop platform
  • SQL Database/coding
  • Technology 


  • Mathematical Expertise
  • Working with unstructured data

Business Understanding

  • Business acumen 

Job Roles After Completing Data Science Training

  • Business Analytics Professional
  • Business Intelligence Professional
  • Data Scientist
  • Big Data Analysts
  • HR Analytics Professionals
  • Marketing Analytics Professionals

This is all about this Blog. I hope you like it and understand the meaning of Data Science.


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