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What is Corporate Training? All You Wanted to Know

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Corporate training is a procedure of activities designed in such a way that would educate the employees. It is also known as Corporate Education or Workplace Learning. The responsibility of training is mostly under Development or Talent teams in smaller companies, and in larger companies, it is under Human Resources.

There are many types of corporate training, and some of them are:

  1. Type 1: Basic Skills
  2. Type 2: Soft Skills Workshop

iii. Type 3: Compliance or Governance Training

  1. Type 4: Onboarding and On-Going training specific to your company
  2. Type 5: Job-Specific Skills Training
  3. Type 6: Just-in-Time training or Capsule Training or DIY Training  

Corporate training teams at Corporate Training Institute are responsible for several jobs that include recognizing training requirements, developing training programs, and making them available to the employees. Corporate training is an operation of human resource management. Its goal is to provide employees with skills and knowledge that would enable them to succeed in their lives. This will, in turn, increase the company’s success rate. Four categories of training methods are listed below:

  1. Simulation methods
  2. Experimental methods
  3. Knowledge-based method
  4. Simulation methods

Most teams have their training strategy. These strategies are developed to achieve an educational goal in a company. Creating training strategies implies teaching your employees an advanced skill set and providing the company with a skilled set of workers, for example, making the employee familiar with new skills and updating them based on new protocols of the company.

Training Plan – 

A training plan is also called a learning plan. It is a sorted-out description of the activities and the sources a team will use to guide employees towards a particular learning objective. It can be a short write-up or a detailed description of the plan with the set of questions that the team plans to ask the employees.

Skill training allows an employee to enhance his talent and make him more efficient for the required job. It creates more scope and opportunities for the employee. If you are looking for a Corporate Training Company in Noida then must consider ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd institute. 

Video-based training is the most efficient training for delivering content in corporate training. Video-based training is a preferred way of training as it is easier for the employees to grasp the new ideas that are taught.

Conclusion – 

Training and development are an essential part of every company. This is a significant time for the employees as it provides them an opportunity to learn all new skills required for them to be successful in their respective fields. ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd is the most recommended and one of the best Corporate Training Institute in India.


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