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What can you do with Python?

Python Training in Delhi

Indeed, Python is the most loved and hugely popular programming language in the whole world. It is very versatile, dynamic, and easy to understand. These days, some top-rated and well-established companies are using Python, such as Netflix, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, etc.

Today, Python has gained the top position as the primary server-side language. One can use this object-oriented programming language for different purposes. Using it, one can create websites, mobile applications, bots, etc. Most importantly, it can also be used for managing everyday tasks.

Thus, in this article, we will show how you can use your Python skills in a vast range of areas. Have a look!

Things to do with Python

1) Game Development: Python plays a vital role in developing games. Not only this, but it also helps in testing and analyzing stuff. It comprises a Pygame library that is highly useful in building up to games! Furthermore, it includes computer graphics, art, sound libraries, and other things that help build games.

2) Web Development: Python language is extensively used for building web applications, as it comprises various tools, libraries, and frameworks such as Django, Flask, Tornado, and FastAPI that are useful for web development. Using these, one can create unique, fantastic, and outstanding web apps.

3) Web Scraping: While browsing, you will find comprehensive data across the sites. Well, accessing all this data efficiently is known as web scraping, and it is possible with the help of Python. It makes collecting data more manageable and offers an effective way to do further analysis and operations.

4) Machine Learning (ML): Machine Learning plays a vital role in identifying spam. Additionally, it assists in predicting stocks and finding fingerprints. Thus, Python can be used in different machine learning activities via learning libraries and frameworks such as Seaborn, NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

5) For Daily Tasks: Python is not only confined to web development, machine learning, data science, and scraping, but it is much more than that. Apart from programmers and data scientists, small business owners, journalists, and social media marketers can use this high-level programming language to manage their everyday tasks. Python helps in:

  • Updating the list of groceries.
  • Track the record of the stock market.
  • For filling online forms.
  • Help in changing text files to spreadsheets.

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