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What are the Core Concepts to Learn in Android for a Perfect Job Opportunity?

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Almost all of us use mobile applications and IT giants like Facebook and Google on a daily basis. Android contributes a great share in the market of mobile operating systems because of its high application and demand. That’s why professionals like android developers are becoming the most fascinating and reputed job as compared to others. Several individuals have started taking Android Training in Noida from a leading institute to pursue their careers in this field. Not only, the scope and demand of Android development are high but such professionals enjoy high job security and satisfaction. All the perks associated with it motivate freshers, students, and working professionals to kick-start their professional journey as android developers. 

To build a successful career, one has to learn various concepts and have to acquire various types of skills. A fresher student also has to take part in seminars, workshops, and internships to master the whole field. However, if you are a complete beginner and unaware of important topics and skills to grab, then this blog is the right piece of content for you. We will try to cover all different concepts but still, if you are left with any questions, feel free to ask our team. Till then, have a read on the below information.

Important topics or concepts to keep in mind : 

  • Start with Android basics and programming languages : 

Before jumping into any difficult technical concept, start with some basic concepts and foundations. Kotlin and Java are the most popular programming languages used for the creation and development of Android applications. Those who want to excel in the field can understand basic concepts, frameworks, and syntaxes easily under the guidance of industry experts. 

  • Learn how to improve user interaction : 

While working as an Android developer, you should know how to improve user interaction with Android applications. By following some simple steps such as responding to calls, focusing on appropriate gestures, etc, you can effectively and efficiently focus on Android interactivity. 

  • Don’t forget to implement navigations : 

With the help of navigations, users can use the applications in the most effective way. It helps the users to move in and out throughout the android or mobile application. For effective implementation of UI navigations, there are various multiple UI elements available to you. However, to implement all of them, you must have in-depth knowledge as well as practical experience. To know more about the same, you can enroll for Android Training in Delhi from an authentic institute to robust your career.

  • Pay attention to working with data :  

For an application to run smoothly, it’s important to work with relevant data. When you handle data, you have to fetch data from the server, query about data, handle files, and save the user preferences for further use. There are multiple components available to deal with the data. 

  • Get familiarised with Android Security : 

One of the major reasons for its popularity is security reasons. Android has an amazing feature of security that protects users’ privacy with the help of permissions. The professionals can handle data security through internal and external storage and content providers. 


In the above 5 pointers, we have tried our level best to put some glimpse of relevant concepts in front of you. In case you still have any doubts regarding necessary topics or skills or what to know Why should you choose android developer as a career, then feel free to contact us. The team of ShapeMySkills.Pvt Ltd institute will be right there for you to provide the best Android Online Training within less time and budget. We are glad to share that our team is able to provide excellent training sessions to a number of students. So, when they are taking the best advantage of the opportunity, then why don’t you? 


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