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What are the Career prospects of Django Developers in India?

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Django is perfectly fine as a starter, however, I would suggest that you do not commit too much to one frame over time. Try and get a deeper understanding of how HTTP works and what specific issues your framework is trying to solve (cache/authentication), and your programming language is common. If you have selected a python and take a brief look at the flask, hurricane, etc.

In-depth knowledge of the frameworks is really useful over time but if you are an expert in HTTP performance with the language of your choice, you will become more powerful as an engineer, and you can always learn new frameworks as an engineer. you leave because the problems they are trying to solve are very similar.

In addition to coaching Django, due to growing business demand, I was offered negotiation assignments with Python & Django candidates. Sharing my understanding of the whole situation from the following candidates or a business idea.

Company Expectations – Companies looking to switch to open source technology. NET-based frameworks. What they usually want is candidates with hand-on jackets that hold the anaconda tight. They are looking for people with Django + AngularJS + Spark / Big Data. AngularJS makes them the engineer of full stacks. These companies want to use Big Data technology to store and process data (This ability is frozen in the cake). As of now, companies are not finding people with reputable Django professionals with 2+ years of experience. The unanswered question is – ‘How to add items to a set so that no similar data containing items are added’.

Nominee – Companies especially looking for people who can produce from Week 2 onwards. They should know the basics, modeling, etc. Very few candidates have such a profile, waiting for a pay rise. Others did not get a chance to collect art. As a candidate, delve deeper into Django ideas, delve deeper into object-oriented python, other AngularJS elements – such as combining AngularJS with Django templates is a common question. Learn about Big Data Ideas – many tech items are now incomplete without them.

In short, companies need people with strong Django & python. At the entrance to the regular java I see another 200+ entrants, on the other hand, the python-Django walks I see 5-6 people. There is a big difference. Aside from medium-sized companies, Django Training in Noida is very popular among startups. They are ready to pay for almost anything a candidate with the right information and knowledge base.


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