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What Are The Benefits of Software Testing In 2022?

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Every business understands Software Testing that the increase in digitization has led to an exponential rise in customer expectations. In the banking sector, Software Testing Training in Delhi, customers want to complete their banking needs on mobile in seconds and with no interruption or outages. They need payment applications that are safe and easy to use. Customers also expect the services to be available at any time of the day and accessible from anywhere in the world through the internet. 

To meet business demand, IT organizations are looking to build faster, intelligent, scalable, and connected applications to serve their customers better. The need has brought a significant impact on the software testing landscape. Let us inspect the drivers in IT organizations that are contributing to the changing landscape.

Building a faster application with Agile and DevOps culture

Most IT organizations are adopting Agile and DevOps practices for their software delivery because they want to deploy and deliver better software faster. The Agile approach involves a continuous process of requirement discovery and solution improvement through collaboration among self-organizing cross-functional teams. Most quality assurance practices involve an agile way of delivery. DevOps methodology breaks siloes between software development and operations to help deliver software faster, safer, and at scale.

Traditionally, testing teams would be working on a build that is deployed in a development environment and would manually perform regression testing. However, with the new culture delivering applications faster to the market, the demand for testing applications to find risks and bugs, in a shorter duration and with limited cost will only rise.

Building an intelligent application with AI/ML

AI/ML technologies are being leveraged to provide advanced customer experience through curated recommendations, ease of resolving grievances, and much more. Natural Language Processing (NLP) another arm of AI/ML has transcended experience by understanding human demands through a spoken language. B2C and B2B organization across domain has adopted and embedded AI/ML into their application and they are accelerating their innovation to serve their customer in a better way.

As the usage of AI/ML software increases, organizations are supposed to focus more on testing these apps using some automation tools.

Building Scalable applications with Containerization and Microservices

All organizations are architecting distributed systems using microservice architecture and containers; the primary reason is to scale as per business demand. Containerized apps are favorite of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SREs) because they provide a scalable computing environment and quickly and reliably run applications as a form of the package (code along with all the dependencies, also called artifacts). Other benefits like containers require fewer resources, containerized apps can be rapidly deployed, patched, or scaled into any cloud.

Building connected applications with APIs

API is the middle layer between the UI and back-end (presentation layer and data layer). APIs connect distributed systems and transfer data from one system to another. With the increased adoption of microservices, usage of APIs has also increased exponentially.

Building secured applications

There is a growing demand for application security with the advent of digitization and increased adoption of technology. The world has become more mobile, and business groups are investing in their users to interact with their services through an app on various devices, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, and so on.

Any loopholes pose a threat to businesses. Weak server-side controls, unsafe data storage, broken cryptography, and other problems open the door for external attackers to steal confidential and sensitive data. The cases of SolarWinds Orion supply chain attack and Log4j2 bugs are so fresh and they remind us of what could be the potential loss of security threats. Learn more advantages tips for software testing

Now that we have read about the drivers let us quickly see how the software testing landscape is shaping up in 2022.


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