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Top 10 Companies That Use Django

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Different types of applications work by using frameworks like Django. The demand for software developers in the industry is increasing and so is the use of these types of technology and frameworks. It is free and open-source which is a Python Based Web Framework applicable for various purposes. If you have enrolled for the Django Training in Noida, then you are already one step ahead of getting a reputed job as a developer in an IT company.

Nowadays, if you have relevant knowledge, skills, and experience you can easily fly high in your career. The main reason is that companies have started taking the initiative to hire certified professionals who have completed their courses from the Best Django Institute. In this blog, we are specifically talking about the companies that are using the Django framework and also keep on looking for aspiring candidates to onboard.

Reputed Companies That Use Django :

Due to so many advantages such as versatility, security, scalability, and many more, several companies are using Django for various development purposes. Here we are mentioning some big companies that are using the framework frequently:

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration :

With the help of Django NASA ensures that all the knowledge-sharing sites should work properly and efficiently to fetch information.

  • Pinterest :

The main use of Django by Pinterest is to maintain the top-notch performance of the company and to execute various types of tasks.

  • Udemy :

The Django architecture keeps up with the database demands of the company as it has a lot of video content to share and manage.

  • Boeing :

Boeing manufacturers sell aircraft, telecommunications equipment, rotorcraft, and many other services. Therefore, for smooth operation and effective working, they use the Django framework.

  • Epicor :

The company helps businesses to work smoothly and efficiently. With the help of the Django framework, they make sure that the solutions provided are scalable no matter how the growth of the business is. 

Point to be noted:

It must be noted by you that when so many companies are using the framework, then you must complete your Django Training in Delhi from a well-established institute. This will help you to grab a number of opportunities in a short span of time.

  • Robinhood:

The company provides financial services and they use Django to make sure that their applications run smoothly.

  • National Geographic:

Django framework is also used for creating Content Management System (CMS) for managing all the content, images, and adverts on a website. As they deal with education and storytelling, that’s why managing content is their major task.

  • Youtube:

Not only do top companies use it, but there are multiple applications too that run on these technologies. The team of Youtube developers is able to add new features and updates from time to time. As it is a video-sharing platform, so it helps the team to perform well and smoothly.

  • Instagram: 

A large amount of data is stored on Instagram and various activities are done on this application. That’s why it also works efficiently because of Django.

  • Spotify: 

It is one of the best audio-streaming platforms. It combines Django with Python Programming language for the backend and development of the application. 


You can Make A Successful Career in Django Field as so many companies are using the framework for handling and managing their task. That’s why, if you are planning to choose such a career, then you must get trained by the best Django Training Institute to enrich your knowledge. You can also connect with the experts of ShapeMySkills.Pvt Ltd to give a good start to your career.


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