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Three Growth Opportunities for Sales & Distribution (SD) consultants

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Here are the top 3 skills / modules I have learned that I feel are straightforward for the SD expert to know and grow (with a little effort and dedication).

Resource Related Billing (RRB) – Our company provides professional services to our customers, so RRB is one of the most important components within the SAP environment. At the highest level of efficiency, when the coordinator supports our customers, his hours and costs are recorded in the SAP project. These hours and costs become part of the SAP SD training in noida sales order of RRB in the payment process. To find out more about RRB, please see this SAP RRB link.

SAP Concur – SAP Concur has been a perfect addition to RRB for me. Supervisors record time on Clarity sent to SAP via cat2 and costs are incurred via SAP Concur. For example – when customer books go to provide local consultation, its airline ticket costs, food etc. are incorporated into Concur via SAP to complete the RRB cost process. In addition, our company uses Concur for Travel and Internal Expenditure purposes as well. With a little research, training and playing in the test area, I was able to learn Concur quickly. To find out more about SAP Concur, please refer to this blog post from another Concur expert.

Revenue Accounting & Reporting (RAR) – I will admit that this was a difficult time to start with, but as they say once you have learned to swim you can conquer the oceans. We moved from the traditional Rev Rec (VF44) to RAR in 2017. I was a fly in the wall when the launch took place but believe it or not it is now the first point of contact for RAR news. It took months of dedication, smart work and a lot of practical research and wetting of the feet in the testing process to get me to where I am today. RAR is very common in any consultant with a good idea of ​​a business process.

Features of SAP SD module

Here are some key features of the SAP SD module:

  • Price and Tax: – Helps you to evaluate the price of goods and services under various circumstances such as discount or discount, which is offered to the customer.
  • Availability Check: Check product availability in the organization’s warehouse.
  • Payment & Invoice: Helps you generate bills or invoices.
  • Priority Determination: Helps you determine the details of building materials on a case-by-case basis.
  • Credit Management: It is a way of managing customer debt restrictions. Two different methods can be considered for simple credit checking and automatic credit checking.
  • Account Determination: Helps you determine customer details on the basis of a particular type of situation.

Key components of SAP SD

The SAP SD Online Training, SAP SD training in delhi, module is the most important ERP module developed by SAP. Helps to better manage customer sales and distribution data and processes in organizations.

The key components of the SAP Sales and Distribution module are:

  • Key Data
  • Sales
  • Shipping
  • Related Payments
  • Sales support
  • Transportation of products
  • Foreign Trade

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