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How do prepare for Google data analyst Interview?

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Data analyst jobs are becoming more and more trendy as every organization makes the best use of data analytics for making valuable decisions. Nowadays, almost each small and big business is hiring data analytics professionals to take the overall performance to a higher level. Keeping this in mind, many people are enrolling in Data Analytics Training in Noida to improve their skills and knowledge. 

The team at Google always looks up to individuals who are enthusiastic and passionate about data analytics and collecting various relevant information. However, there are many aspirants who are also looking for cracking the interview stage of data analytics at Google. 

Getting into Google as a data analyst can be a dream for many students and working professionals out there. However, it must be noted that all those who are targeting the same have to fasten their seatbelts to acquire the position over other aspirants.

An in-depth understanding of the role of Google data analyst 

Data analysts are responsible for various aspects such as gathering, retrieving, organizing, and analyzing data from multiple sources. Not only this, the information collected is used to further provide meaningful insights for taking in-house decisions. 

At Google, the roles and responsibilities of a data analyst are not only limited to four walls. They are expected to understand the quantitative aspect and also the reasoning behind the various business decisions. The data analysts have to understand Google’s bottom line by analyzing how each indicator is affecting the implementation of important decisions. 

That’s why the team of Google does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to hiring candidates.  They look at different perspectives and that’s the reason the whole process of the interview becomes a challenging experience. 

The skills required for Google data analysts  

As you are now familiar with the roles and responsibilities associated with Google data analysts, you must be curious about knowing the relevant skill sets required for acquiring the position. 

That’s why we are mentioning the relevant criteria and skill sets that not only Google but most organizations demand from candidates. So, before going for the interview, it’s better to brush up on the following skills and put the tick mark on the requirements 

  • Before the skillset, the first requirement is to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, finance, or equivalent practical experience in relevant fields. Along with it, the students can enroll in Data Analytics Online Training to enhance their skills. 
  • The candidate must have a vast knowledge of SQL, time series analysis, data modeling, data warehousing, and other related disciplines. 
  • Hand-on experience in data visualization tools such as Tableau, R, and Python programming languages. 
  • Should have a crisp and clear understanding and detailed knowledge of data science techniques and various methodologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, programming languages, and many more such skills. 

The interview process involved 

Similar to most interview processes, Google also looks for the skill sets and asks some relevant questions from the candidates. 

For your better knowledge, we have mentioned the steps involved in the process : 

  • The first step – A formal phone call

Once you have applied for the position and if you get shortlisted, then you will get a formal interview phone call from the HR manager. They will ask normal questions like your past work experience, qualifications, and skill sets and also make you familiar with the Google work culture, the pattern of work, the scope of the job role and expectations from the job, and many such aspects. 

  • The onsite and formal interview 

While going through the interview process, the candidate has to pass 3 to 4 interview rounds with the hiring manager, team lead, and as well as developer. 

During the interview, the candidate also gets a chance to have a few words with the current google informally to get a better picture of the whole work environment. 

After reviewing all the steps of the interview, then the final decision is made by the management regarding the selection or rejection of the profile. 


As mentioned above, to get the dream job as a Google data analyst, the candidates need to have a clear understanding of different tools. The main purpose behind the same is that by having a good experience, the candidate can apply their knowledge in practical job scenarios to the best of their abilities. That’s why if required, don’t hesitate to take help from the expert team of ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd for learning Data Analytics Training in Delhi.


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