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SAP MMSC – Collective Extension of Storage Locations for a Single Material

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SAP MMSC (Enter Storage Locations Collectively) is a transaction code present within the R/3 SAP systems. It is considered an excellent tool used for expanding the multiple storage locations. Moreover, it plays an essential role in defining the location of storage for your materials. In case if you are unable to define the storage location, you will lose access to transfer material to their particular location.

On the other hand, organizational structures are being added and removed in a business environment. Thus, if you want to expand the material master view, you can use transaction MMSC_MASS (Mass Maintenance: Materials). It will help in saving your time.  For your ease, we have stated the whole process that will assist you in extending the material storage location. Have a peek!

# At first, you need to fill in the material number and plant number you wish to expand the storage location.

# Then, you had to select the “List All Existing Storage Locations” option given under the “List Control” head. It will help you in showing the exact place where the material is already extended. This assists in making duplicate entry attempts.

# Now, you need to tick mark the “Create Change Documents” option. After that, press on the enter tab.

# Doing this, a new window will display as shown below.

#Now, you need to fill in the storage location in the SLOC column and hit enter if you wish to copy the data. By doing this, the system will put in the data.

# Lastly, don’t forget to save the changes made.

On the Whole:

This is all about SAP MMSC (Enter Storage Locations Collectively). We hope the information stated above will help you. To grab more details in this regard, stay in touch with us on our web page. Furthermore, if you want to know more about this transaction code, it is suggested to take SAP MM Online Training.

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