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Read the Complete Guide of SAP on Azure

SAP MM Online Training

SAP MM Online Training applications form the basis of many business ventures, including those of international companies. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications offered by SAP are very complex and are able to provide the measurement and analysis required by most organizations. As organizations move to the cloud it is important for them to be able to download these applications which is why Microsoft has partnered with SAP MM Training in Noida on Azure.

To support business mobility in the cloud, Azure provides support for the following SAP solutions.


HANA is a column-based data management system (RDBMS) based on memory, memory functions. You can use it as an app website to perform real-time statistics, collect business intelligence, or combine your activities. At Azure, HANA works with one example.

Azure supports SAP HANA with:

 Most needed, SAP certified virtual machines (VMs) with memory of up to 12TB

 SAP HANA conditions configured for storage up to 20TB

 Rate up to 60 or 120TB supported by TDIv4 or TDIv5 authorization

 Service level agreements (SLAs) for 99.99% availability.


S / 4HANA is an ERP site built on the HANA website. It includes built-in features of financial analysis, supply chain management, production management, research and development activities, and marketing activities. At Azure, you can use the new S / 4HANA deployment or move your existing depot SAP Business Suite.

Azure supports SAP S / 4HANA with:

This connection via ExpressRoute for Fiori-based apps

99.99% availability of SLAs in two Available Zones (AZs)

High speed, copies of recovery time are low

Tasks based on RedHat Enterprise Linux or SUSE Linux Enterprise servers


BW / 4HANA is a database of business information built on the HANA website. Includes features of simplified modeling and change management applications, integration of a wide range of data sources, user interface, and real-time data processing.

Azure supports SAP BW / 4HANA with:

Sap BW activities and statistics

Ability to measure performance in 15 nodes per 4TB of space for each model

SAP conditions approved by BW / 4HANA

SAP NetWeaver

NetWeaver is a solution that you can use as a platform for app integration and development or as an application server. It enables you to develop, provide, and manage your applications regardless of SAP requests. You can use it to customize existing SAP solutions or integrate your solutions with SAP.

Azure supports SAP NetWeaver with:

 The most sought after VMs have an attached storage for non-productive areas

 SLAs guarantee 99.95% availability of multiple VMs or 99.99% availability of one VM

 SAP Certified Services on RedHat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise, or Windows Servers


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