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Python for Web Development: A Beginner's Guide

We all know that in the past few years, Python becomes tremendously popular for web development. Python is in demand right now. And many companies hire web developers who are familiar with Python. Because of the programming language, Java is in popularity but It’s not new for all remember! With the growth in data analysis, web application development, and machine learning. Many web developers take advantage of Python for their high-powered and lavish stacks. Portability and DOM&Jquery, Python, and Django + Database remember these are the main steps you have to follow in any web development. Without any doubt, you can choose us for Python Training in Noida and make your future in this field.

Website Development

Yes, Website development is a whole new thing for a beginner. So, before starting to learn about the programming language “Python”. you should have some basic knowledge of website development. Development. You can join any Python Online Training. Web development is developing a website for the Internet ( World Wide Web ). You can develop your website on WordPress or by coding. It’s up to you because web development works on both aspects, front and backend. Fronted means attracting clients through the pages added to the website. On the other side, Backend works with business logic and interacts with the database.

Here are some advantages why Python suited for website development

Easy to learn

Python is easy to write compared to other languages like C++ and JavaScript. This is the reason why Python is the most popular language for first-time learners. Python language totally relies on common expressions and whitespace as compared to others (C++ & Java). Not only this benefit but it has one of the best things is that there is a  lower barrier to entry because It is more like your everyday language that’s why you can easily understand the coding.

Rich ecosystem and libraries

Python seems very vast in library tools, and packages. This allows you to way in many pre-written codes, making your application development time more efficient. Also, python offers amazing web frameworks like Django and Flask.

Fast prototyping

Python takes less time to build a website rather than other programming languages. With this, your ideas happen faster and gives you the opportunity to gain feedback. Python is specially designed for startups to make development faster. And hit the market soon to gain a competitive edge in the market. This quick website development makes Python greater compared to other languages.

Wide-spread popularity

Python updated the new features and libraries day by day. Also provided magnificent documentation and community support. That’s why Python is the most popular language in the all over world. And also python gives a complete framework and extensive support to new users who are just going to start their journey as a developer.

How to develop your first web application in Python

Installing Flask

The first thing you have to do is to install the Flask application. It totally depends on you which version of Python you are using but you should have to use is pip or pip3.

Flask App

Now, just create a file called by following these steps.

  • Line 1 Imports Flask
  • Line 2 Instantiates Flask with app variable, using the __name__ attribute
  • Line 4 Sets up a route / for your index, or default, page. When a user goes to locahost:5000/, you can set up a particular code to be triggered
  • Line 5 Creates a function called hello
  • Line 6 Returns the string Hello World! to the user
  • Line 8 Tests to make sure the right script is being run
  • Line 9 Runs the application from the app variable we initialized so that the user can visit the web application by going to localhost


In this blog, we conclude “Python for Web Development: A Beginner’s Guide”. A complete guide on how to start your career as a web developer. With this understanding, we hope you are ready to take your next step ‘How will Python Lead to Digital Transformation?’ so we recommend you our special course in Python Training. This is the best platform for beginners and gets the best placements as well. And you can start your journey with our expertise “Python Training in Delhi.

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