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How To Make A Successful Career in SAP FICO Field?

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To make the most of Enterprise (ERP) service planning, SAP is a major enterprise software provider. Since its inception, SAP has been providing excellent ways to improve IT management and the business field. If you wish to become a SAP FICO Training in Delhi Consultant, there is much you need to know and do.

SAP has a total of 28 modules, of which, a few are considered standard. SAP Finance and Controlling (FICO) is one of them. It has been widely used in the market to meet financial needs.

SAP FICO Coordinator – Job Description

Advisors are responsible for setting up and implementing the system based on business needs, refinement methods, GAAP analysis and looking at new projects. Counselors can be external or internal. External consultants are part of the implementation team. Their work ends when the project becomes live. Although internal consultants work for the company during implementation and even after the project becomes live.

Responsibilities of the Coordinator:

  • Using SAP Business Warehouse (BW) for projects.
  • Coordinating and directing other coordinators from the PS, PP, PM, and MM modules
  • Training new entrants and end users.
  • Provide support to the evaluation process to identify problems and errors in writing or business processes.
  • Seize every opportunity to improve business plans.
  • Its configuration depends on the needs of the business.

What are the Career Opportunities for SAP FICO Certified Professionals?

SAP FICO Online Training is a combination of two SAP modules namely SAP finance and SAP control, which includes user management and configuration. Obtaining a certificate in the FICO module will open many operational departments such as SAP FICO advisor, accounting and finance officer, senior program analyst and more. To understand what a FICO expert does, understand the two main modules as described here:

Need for SAP FI Module

SAP Financial Accounting is related to the development of financial management ideas for businesses. To affect any business, finance serves as an integral part of it, requiring complete management skills. Personal accounting management is costly and complex. For this reason, SAP FI is used in the organization to simplify the management process in account management and financial needs. It helps the company to assess its financial position in the market. SAP FICO Training in Noida. The FI module includes components such as General Ledger, Account Consolidation, Asset Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Receivable Accounts.

Need for SAP Controlling (CO)

The SAP Controlling (CO) module assists in organizing, maintaining, validating and directing business processes in any company. It is directly linked to accounting, as it looks at and calculates associated costs. It also manages and organizes key data including information related to internal orders for profit centers, cost centers, cost features, and much more.

The process is managed step by step including planning, chasing, performing, and reporting. It helps to follow the cost heads to plan accordingly. It benefits costs in all processes, based on activities. It monitors product diversity, production costs, and its cost. Includes components related to Profit Analysis, Internal Order Calculation, Cost Center Accounting, Top Management etc.

Overall Both modules, when combined, assist professionals in business management with data management and accounting. To enter the world of accounting, you must first

  • Assessment, research and planning skills
  • Business Support – Providing them with solutions eagerly
  • Familiarity with business processes
  • Management Information and Financial Accounting

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