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How Do I Become a Java Developer with Global Certification?

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You are landed on the right platform if you are looking forward to becoming a Java Developer in the upcoming years. Several individuals are enrolling for Java Training in Noida from reputed and leading institutes to achieve their global certifications. Moving forward in this blog, we are going to tell you a step-by-step guide to making your career as a developer which has great demand and scope.

Who is a Java Developer? 

Java Developer is the one whose main responsibility is to create, develop and manage applications based on Java. Along with it, they are responsible for software and architectural development activities. Some of the other responsibilities include: 

  • They have to conduct software analysis, testing, and debugging. 
  • Professionals have to transform requirements into stipulations. 
  • Conducting changes to improve and establish java application processes. 
  • To develop technical designs for application development. 
  • Developing application code for Java programs. 
  • To identify production and non-production application issues. 

One can handle all these job responsibilities only after acquiring relevant skills and knowledge. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Become a Certified Java Developer : 

For those who are looking forward to becoming a Java Developer, then following these below steps and guidance may help. 

  • Decide the certification you want to choose : 

The first step to getting a global certification is to choose the certificate you want to move ahead with. You can start with the OCAJP level and can then move ahead with the OCPJP level. There are different versions of the same certifications, so you also have to decide which version you should choose. However, the main difference lies in the exam topics. So, those who are having trouble with the clarification of different topics, then they can enroll for Java Training in Delhi from a reputed institute or educational platform. 

  • Register to appear for an exam : 

After choosing the java certificate, you have to buy an exam voucher and schedule a test to appear at your nearest center. For some certifications, you may be required to appear for more than one exam. An important note is that the voucher is applicable for only 6 months. So, make sure to schedule your exam accordingly to avoid any unseen circumstances. 

  • Start preparing for your exam : 

To prepare for your exam, you first have to know some basic information such as the exam number, duration, number of questions, passing scores, exam format, and exam topics. However, among all of these, the exam syllabus is the most relevant one to know. For instance: The OCAJP exam covers some main topics such as Java basics, data types, arrays, inheritance, operators and decision constructs, and many more. 

  • Appear for the exam : 

Once, you are done with all the preparation and get familiar with all the information, then it’s the best time to appear for your exam. When the day of the exam will come, you have to reach your nearest exam center and use the code in the voucher and proceed with giving the exam. 

  • Receive Your Certifications

You will get the result of MCQ sessions immediately after completing the test, however for essay and performance-based exams, you have to wait for some time. You will receive an E-mail for the certification. However, you will receive your certification the next day from the day of the result. Then after successfully achieving your certificate, you can share it on LinkedIn and other platforms to get better opportunities.


In conclusion, we would like to inform you that one can fulfill their dream of becoming a Java Developer by enrolling in the best Java Online Training. The team of ShapeMySkills.Pvt.Ltd is also providing the best training sessions to develop Skills to Become a Java Full-Stack Developer with the help of industry experts. Therefore, if you are facing any challenges in achieving your certifications, then we are just a call and notification away. So, without any hesitation, feel free to contact us.

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