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Does Corporate Training have a future?

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At ShapeMySkills we believe that the biggest change in 2022 will be seamless training on the go. Combined training (i.e., Thursday morning you go to training, then put that booklet back on the shelf and continue working in the afternoon) is discontinued as on-the-job training on the application immediately emerges as a major trend.

With everyone connected with smartphones and devices, various aspects of our lives are now more integrated than ever. Just as app notifications warn you about sales and specials when you enter the store, future corporate training programs will run full and integrated training opportunities, with a little advanced learning in Corporate Training Company in Noida.

There is a lot of training noise out there – buy this software, use this training, and go to this conference. To help you navigate where you stand, here are ten emerging trends that are the future of corporate training by 2022 (and beyond!).

  • Geofencing

Geofencing is one of the easiest ways to emerge from training and development. Using your smartphone or another device, geofencing delivers pieces of work-related training and development as soon as you need it.

Do you go to work on Monday morning? Geofencing notifies you of any changes to your schedule over the weekend. Mobile technology uses your location to give you only the information you need to get the job done.

  • Individual training

There is no longer enough way to measure one effective size (if ever!). Your employees come to you with specific and different training needs.

One of the great future business training trends is the individualized training method that allows employees to make multiple choices in how they learn. A good LMS that offers a training menu for employees to choose from is a must for this method.

  • Delivery of flexible content

Huntly delivering smart content tailored to the business training needs of your employees also emerges as a way to personalize and personalize your training.

This type of training (game creation is a good example of flexible content delivery) predicts student behavior to keep training consistent, interesting, and fresh.

  • Soft skills training

You may have joked about the idea that focusing on soft skills is essential to the success of your business, but it is time to rethink that belief.


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