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Django vs PHP - Clearing the confusion of Web Developers

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Many new technologies and frameworks have emerged due to the rapid advancement of science and technology in recent decades. As a result of this development, there is now a Django vs. PHP debate. There are a lot of new frameworks and languages in the world of web technology. In comparison to PHP, Django is a development framework. Even though Django Training in Delhi and PHP are related to web applications, they differ significantly. Take a closer look at these discrepancies, please.

Django vs. PHP: Differences and similarities

Django and PHP have many similarities, but they also have many differences.

PHP is a programming language, while Django is a framework. As a result of these features and others in Django, it’s possible to build applications quickly and easily. On the other hand, PHP is a programming language that employs this framework and guarantees quality development. All of these features and more are available in the programming language. PHP makes it possible to use these facilities to ensure proper growth. Django Training in Noida will help you to know more about this.

Essential Distinction and Historical Background

  • Fast and systematic web development is made possible by the Django framework, a Python web framework. In this framework, the coding part is also reduced.
  • Hypertext Preprocessor is the abbreviation for it. Dynamic content, databases, session tracking, and other features can all be managed with this scripting language embedded in HTML. 

Setup of the Environment

  • To run Django, you must have Python installed on your computer. Django requires Python version 2.6.5 or higher to be installed. If you’ve completed this step, you can proceed to install Django.
  • Installing PHP requires the installation of three separate components. These should be included in the list of things to have: PHP is compatible with all web server software. It is compatible with all well-known databases. 

Syntax and the Design of a Project

  • Both Windows and Linux can be used to run Django from the command line. You can get to the location where a new project needs to be started.
  • PHP’s basic syntax aids in the learning process. Leaving PHP behind. The PHP parsing engine must have a way to distinguish between regular code and PHP elements.

Uploading a File

  • Despite being a framework, Django allows web applications to upload files. Using Django, any file can be uploaded.
  • You need to know a few things about uploading files in PHP. The upload temp dir. the temporary directory is described in phpinfo.php, and the upload max file size variable specifies the largest file size that can be uploaded. 


Both PHP and Django play an essential role in developing web applications. Django provides a framework on which applications can be built, whereas PHP aids in developing web applications. Both PHP and Django have the same goal: to create a high-quality web application. ShapeMySkills Pvt ltd institute is famous for Django Training institute.


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