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Difference Between Webpage and Website

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When it comes to the internet and browsing, many jargon and technical terms are circulating, where web pages and websites make a list. In this article, we try to explain and compare these terms. These are two related words, but they have different functions. Although easy to integrate, we have tried to explain the differences between a web page and a website in this article.

The goals discussed in this article are

What is a Website?

A website is just a collection of documents or files that you can access online. To be able to browse a website, people use a program called a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

The function of browsers is to make the code something that the user can view and use. But the question is where the websites come from and how your browser gets that information from them.

Alternatively, texts or files on makeup websites are stored or hosted on computers called servers. The server’s task is to handle the information files and make them available for submission whenever requested. 

When you tell your browser to look at a website, it sends a request to the server when their website is hosted online. The server responds by sending the information for that page back to your browsing browser for viewing.

To cover all this, any device connected to the Internet is given a unique address called an IP address. Now for many people trying to remember an IP address is not very easy.

So, to help with these easy-to-remember words are used instead of IP addresses. These names are called domain names.

Domain names are now set with companies called subscribers. When a request is submitted for information from a domain name, the registrar confirms that the request is sent to the IP address of the server where the website is stored.

At that point, the server sends the data back, for the system to display it. Now for a website to work, it must have a storage location called a server.

Once a person has set up a website name and hosting account to host his or her website, now is the time to create website content and remember that websites themselves are not the only information you can access in Web Designing Online Training.

What is a Web Page?

A web page, meanwhile, is a single document or page displayed in web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and so on. This is used to build the World Wide Web (WWW) and is widely used to market products and services to users or visitors. A unique URL address is also attached to web pages and is used to provide or access that particular page. Web pages can also be static or dynamic.

The main difference between a web page and a website is that a web page is a single online document while a website is a collection of multiple related web pages linked together under a single domain. Therefore, a web page is part of a website.

There are millions of websites available online. Any person, group, business, or organization can create websites. Some examples of the websites are,,, and Each website falls under a certain category such as education, e-commerce, social media, and more. One website has many web pages.


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