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Data Analytics as a Career Option

Data Analytics Training in Noida

Data Analytics Training in Noida has a better career option these days. Simply put, there has never been a better time to be a data expert. About 2.5 quintillion bytes are generated daily — and that speed is only fast. That explosion of data drives the industry it uses; as the data collection of organizations grows in size and complexity, it is inevitable that they will want to use that data, and Data Analysts are there in this trend.

Fittingly, the huge demand for Data Analysts is accompanied by wage increases — many Data Analysts’ salaries live comfortably above the $ 70,000 line, even in the lowest positions, with high and special positions often reaching more than $ 100,000.

In addition to greater demand and equal pay, Data Analysts have the opportunity to work collaboratively and participate in decision-making at the highest level, which can also translate into the opportunity to enter many management positions. Many Data Analysts enjoy the ability to travel and work remotely or to move easily, even in other countries. Whether the type of work itself fits well depends entirely on the individual, but income, benefits, and job security are great.

Is Data Analysis Needed?

Yes, data statistics are much needed. In 2017, IBM predicted that the number of data professionals jobs in the U.S. only will raise another 364,000 (to 2,720,000) before the end of 2020. Other sources confirm the tendency of large companies to invest in big data; according to a recent study by Dresner Advisory Services, the acquisition of big data in business units increased from 17 percent in 2015 to 59 percent in 2018.

It’s not just technology companies that jump on board, either. There are opportunities to use data analysis skills in a wide variety of industries. Dresner’s study found that the acceptance of big data analytics was high in communication (95 percent acceptance), insurance (83 percent), and advertising (77 percent), followed by financial services (71 percent), health care (percent) 64), as well as technology (58 percent), and was often used in research and development (75 percent) and careers (63 percent).

As the acceptance of data analysis grows, so does the scope of your applications — in fact, all industries are on the verge of a complete overhaul of big data. A recent McKinsey report predicts how digital statistics will transform marketing — with the promise of data activation, one-to-one marketing interactions — and performance and productivity. Many industries still have to make full use of this ability. Another McKinsey study, for example, found that if the US healthcare industry were to use big data to improve its efficiency and quality, the industry could generate more than $ 300 billion, and a major retailer using big data to reach its full potential could grow. its operating limit is more than 60 percent. In other words, we do not expect this growth to slow down anytime soon.


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