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Machine Learning Training

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ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd offers job-oriented Machine learning online training in Noida with the help of experts. Machine Learning is a branch of AI (artificial intelligence) that focuses on build applications that learn from data and enhance their accuracy over time. ML algorithms build a sample data based which is known as “Training Data”. ML algorithm is used in a broad variety of applications like medicine, computer vision, e-mail filtering. Machine learning subset is closely related to computational statistics that on making predictions by using computers but not all ML is statistical learning. In this article, we give complete details related to Machine Learning. Read Now!


Program Features

  • IT Professionals as Trainers

    Learning a technology with a professional who is well expertise in that solve 60% of your needs.

  • 100+ students to believe

    We satisfied 10000+ students from the day we started ShapeMySkills. Take a look of our student’s video reviews and it says all.

  • Counselling by Experts

    If you are in dilemma to choose a course, we are having experts in counselling team to help you with perfect projection of your career.

  • Affordable Fees

    We are dead cheap in fees. We are having options to make the payment in instalments as well if needed.

  • Fully Hands-on Training

    We support any training should be more practical apart from theoretical classes. So, we always gives you hands-on training.

  • Own Course Materials

    We have every course material to understand which is prepared by our trainers and we will share with you after session completes.


What Will You Learn?

Why Machine Learning?

The machine learning field is constantly growing and with this, there is a rise in demand and importance also. There is one important reason that why data scientists require machine learning and i.e. High-value predictions that can guide us for making better decisions and smart actions in real-time without human involvement. ML i.e. machine learning as technology aids helps analyze large chunks of data, ease the task of data scientists in the process of automation and gain a lot of recognition and eminence. Machine learning changes the way to interpret the work and extract the data by concerning an automatic set of generic methods that replace traditional statistical techniques.

How Machine Learning Works?

There are 4 steps to build a machine learning application. These are typically performed by data scientist work closely with business professionals for whom the model is developed.

Step 1: Choose and prepare Training Data Set

Step 2: Select an algorithm for running on a training data set

  1. ML algorithm Types for use with labeled data
  • Regression algorithms
  • Decision trees
  • Instance-based algorithms
  1. ML algorithm Types for use with unlabeled data
    1. Clustering algorithms
    2. Association algorithms
    3. Neural networks

Step 3: Training the algorithm for creating the model 

Step 4: Use and Enhance the model 

Machine Learning Methods

  • Supervised machine learning algorithms
  • unsupervised machine learning algorithms
  • Semi-supervised machine learning algorithms
  • Reinforcement machine learning algorithms

As we discussed above, Machine learning is the part of AI (artificial intelligence) that permits software applications for becoming more precise in forecasting outcomes without being openly programmed. As per the experts, ML & AI are for changing the way we interacting with everything in our environment. 

Machine Learning training in Noida at ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd covers all advanced and basic concepts of Machine learning with hands-on experience to work on real-time practical concepts. ML (Machine learning) use python will permit the students to avail complete end-to-end knowledge for completing both practical and theoretical concepts. We also help students for building knowledge in all machine learning real-time projects and case studies.

Job Profiles after Machine Learning Online Training 


  • Machine Learning Developer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Machine Learning Specialist
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Use Cases

Machine learning has applications in all industries type that include travel and hospitality, financial services, healthcare, and life sciences, manufacturing, retail, energy, utilities, and feedstock. Cases include:

  • Healthcare and life sciences: Disease classification and risk satisfaction
  • Financial services: risk regulation and analytics 
  • Energy: supply optimization and Energy demand
  • Travel and Hospitality: Dynamic price 
  • Manufacturing: predictive maintenance and condition monitor 
  • Retail: cross-channel and upselling marketing 

With online machine learning training course in Noida at ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd will aid the learners to become best-fit machine learning working professionals. Our professional training helps to gain knowledge of concepts such as Decision Tree Algorithms, Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machines, Naive Bayes Classification, K-Means Clustering, and more.

Why ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd For Machine Learning Training?

There are various reasons to choose ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd for online machine learning training:

  • ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd is the certified center of Microsoft.
  • Properly train the candidates as they will get a reputed job in the market.
  • Trainers having relevant experience in teaching and also guide the students in the latest technologies.
  • Our course content is designed in such a way that it will match growing corporate requirements.
  • We give world-class facility of the lab and our experts will give you work opportunity on case studies and select industry issues.
  • We provide both online and offline training to the students as per their requirements.
  • Flexible batch timing and size
  • Course content is upgraded with the latest upgraded enhancement so that students lead the race.

Student Testimonial

Machine learning is one of the fastest-rising languages. The scope of machine learning is increasing day by day and students will make a successful career in this field.
It’s difficult for beginners, to become machine learning programmers especially for those who are having experience in coding. So, by joining our offline or online machine learning training, you can start learning machine learning language and make your career successful.
We accept all payment modes like cash, Debit card, net banking, etc.
ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd has trainers having high experience and all of them have knowledge of their domain and will train the students by explaining every topic in a detailed manner. With the help of certified Machine learning experts, Machine learning using R programming with 100% quality assurance. The Expert will teach you the important topics you require to know to start your career in machine learning. ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd has standards in terms of trainers, classroom facilities for ensuring that students receive high-quality training of technology.

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