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Best SAP HCM Online Training in 2021

Best SAP HCM Online Training in 2021

SAP HCM stands for System, applications, and products – Human capital management and it is an essential module in SAP. SAP HCM is also known as SAP HR (Human Resource). SAP HR permits you for automating the record-keeping process. To get an advantage of the administration and payroll documents, it is an ideal framework for the HR department. In the global market, SAP HCM consultants are the most demanded professionals. Therefore, many people are willing to do SAP HCM Online Training from the best SAP training institute. In this blog, we are going to discuss the Best SAP HCM Online Training in 2021. Check Now!!!  

There are various SAP training institutes for SAP HCM Training in Delhi / SAP HCM training in Noida. So, you are advised to choose the best SAP training institutes and for that, you require to attend the free demo session of selected institutes and after that select the best one as per your requirements.

Guys, before starting to learn the SAP HCM module, you are suggested to taking an overview of SAP basics, SAP Net Weaver, and SAP solution manager. To become eligible for SAP HCM Exam, students require to fulfill eligibility criteria. Across the industries, HCM is one of the most essential processes in companies. There are various advantages of SAP execution and SAP HCM online training help to gain better hands to use SAP HCM module. In a workstation, SAP HCM permits one for organizing a structured HR process system.

SAP HCM Sub Modules

  • Organizational Management
  • Personnel Administration
  • E-Recruitment
  • Time Management
  • Payroll
  • ESS (Employee Self-Service) and MSS (Management Self-Service) 
  • Reporting

SAP HCM Training Content

Introduction to SAP

What is SAP

SAP For beginners

Getting Started with SAP HR

  • SAP HCM Overview
  • SAP HR Basics and Navigation
  • SAP HCM Organizational Structure

Personnel Administration

  • SAP HCM Personnel Administration
  • Structures in SAP HR
  • SAP Personnel Structure
  • SAP HR Enterprise Structure
  • SAP HR Infotypes
  • SAP Infotype Screen Modification
  • SAP Infotype Menus
  • SAP Infotype Header Configuration
  • SAP Time Constraints
  • SAP HR Personnel Actions
  • SAP HCM Features
  • SAP Fast Entry
  • SAP Personnel Number Assignment
  • SAP Personnel Administration Reports
  • SAP Organizational Key
  • SAP Dynamic Actions
  • SAP Infotype Change Log

Organizational Management

    • SAP Organizational Management Overview
    • SAP Organizational Management Structures
    • SAP HR Simple Maintenance in Expert Mode
    • SAP Infotype Maintenance in Expert Mode
    • SAP Organization and Staffing
    • SAP Organizational Management Actions
    • SAP Organizational Management Reports
    • SAP Organization and Staffing Configuration
    • SAP Evaluation Paths
  • SAP PPOME Transaction Configuration

SAP Time Management

    • SAP Time Management Overview
    • SAP Planned Working Time Infotype
    • SAP Holiday Calendar
    • SAP Work Schedules and Their Elements
    • SAP Break Schedules Configuration
    • SAP Daily Work Schedule Configuration
    • SAP Period Work Schedule and Day Types
    • SAP Work Schedule Rules Configuration
    • SAP Time Management Infotypes
  • SAP Absence Quotas 
  • SAP Time Constraint Class
  • SAP Absence Types Configuration
  • SAP Absence Counting Rule
  • SAP Absence Management
  • SAP Absence Rounding Rule
  • SAP Absence Quota Configuration
  • SAP Absence Quota Generation Rules
  • SAP RPTQTA00 Quota Generation Report
  • SAP Quota Deduction
  • SAP Time Management Reports


SAP HR Recruitment Process

Additional Topics

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Guys hope you like this blog and it will help you to know about the Best SAP HCM Online Training in 2021. You can go for ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd Company for SAP HR training as this is the best SAP training institute in Noida and it also has a partnership with SAP and that will also help you to get a good job in the company.


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