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All about SAP Online Training: Overview, Eligibility, Duration and Fee Structure

SAP training in Noida

Presently, SAP courses gain huge appreciation among young students and IT professionals. Those who want to know all about SAP Online training such as Overview, Eligibility, Duration and Fee structure, etc. can go through this blog.

What is SAP?

Before start learning what SAP certification is all about, you need to know what SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is. SAP is abbreviated as system, applications, and products in Data Processing. Businesses use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for automating tasks. German-based Software Company developed SAP ERP Software. Different programs associate with this software but SAP ERP is the most well-known and widely used technology from all of them. This new technology makes it easier for businesses for automating tasks and IT professionals having valid certificates gain a key career boost when they prove knowledge in this field.

Why is SAP Important to Companies?

SAP software tools help the companies to handle HRM (Human Resource Management), customer relationship, Sales, and inventory management with minimum investment while making data available to users globally via online and cloud-based solutions. To operative effectively, SAP help ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) combine effortlessly with the system, applications, and products that are the core aspect of each business. Many IT companies and the complete business sector are willing to adopt SAP software for cloud-based resource management that in turn demand more trained professionals for coming onboard for helping them in the process.

What is SAP Certification?

Presently, the SAP certification program provides more than 150 certifications and makes it a difficult choice for applicants in the field. Professionals may select the SAP course based on their company needs, long-term objectives, and specialization area. SAP certification divide into 3 major groups:

  • Associate – People who are new to SAP solutions and willing to know the basics Via SAP training courses and manuals.
  • Professional – Trained professionals having in-depth knowledge regarding the technology work in it and would like to improve the skills.
  • Specialist – Specialist certifications help associate SAP certification holders that focus on the specific business area.

There are no least criteria, skills, or previous certification needs for Associate and Professional SAP certification. On the other hand, Specialist courses can pursue only those who have completed specific topics in the associate program.

SAP Modules

In technical grade SAP online training, ABAP and BASIS are the 2 major modules and on the other hand, the functional grade is split into many modules such as:

  • Sales & Distribution (SD)
  • Finance & Controlling (FICO)
  • Material Management (MM)
  • Human Resources Management (HRM)
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Many more functional areas are chosen based on personal career choice, company requirements, and various other criteria.

SAP Course Eligibility and Validity Period

All SAP certifications obtained are valid for a very long time as products or software doesn’t undergo important changes. The company monitor certified programs on regular basis and will send the notification to professionals having certification when one or more credentials become outdated. In such cases, certification holders may reappear for taking part in Delta Exams within 6 months of the announcement and get the least scores.

SAP Certification Course Duration

Want to get a goal? Select SAP, take the essential counseling, gain knowledge of the SAP and get a certification of SAP in 6-10 weeks based to learn capabilities and the course you select. After completion of SAP Training in Noida or SAP Training in Delhi or another city, start to apply for the job in the right way.

There is the same impact on both full-time and online courses and the institution’s creditability, accreditation and the selection of modules define the value of SAP certification obtains.

SAP Course Exam Fee

In India, the cost of SAP certification is around Rs.40,000 and it will vary from country to country. If you include SAP training costs also then the overall package is around Rs.3 Lakh as per the course you opt.

How SAP Brings about a Change in Career?

Various IT professionals choose the SAP certification program as it is acquired by every business across the world. The individual is having SAP certification will get a better job, career importance, and growth because of the knowledge of having SAP ERP for automating CRM i.e. customer relationship management and many more.

Modules available in the program ensure that there is something for everyone so that Individual or IT professional complete PG degree can select their specialization in that particular module as per their choice.

Advantages of SAP Certification in 2021

For your career, and supporting skill is always useful. It gives you a push to boost your career and in case you have SAP certification then you will get high intensity as compared to other SAP Courses.

So those who want to make a career in the field having growth in coming future then must choose SAP course. Nowadays, there is a lot of demand for people having to do SAP online training courses. You can rely on ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd for SAP training in Noida as this institute has also a partnership with SAP Company and trainers are very well trained for giving training of SAP.


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