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Advantages And Disadvantages Of MEAN Stack Course

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The MEAN stack is a JavaScript full-stack solution that allows you to create fast, reliable, and easy-to-maintain online apps. MEAN development is already a popular alternative for producing beautiful, dynamic websites, and it powers everything from front-end frameworks to backend servers and database environments, despite its youth. Web development is critical in a competitive world, and one of the technologies used to construct web apps is the MEAN stack. The MEAN Stack Online Training makes it simple to deploy and develop a wide range of cloud-based apps. The MEAN stack refers to a collection of JavaScript-based technologies used to create various online applications.

You might wish to use the MEAN stack for your next project as a developer, and this post will explain why that is a good idea!

MEAN has powerful capabilities that make application development much easier and less time-consuming for developers.

Each component of the MEAN stack has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but in general:


  1. Node can scale better and more readily than the majority of the competition (LAMP, Rails, Django), and it lets you use the same language on the backend as you do on the frontend (JavaScript)
  2. Mongo is more user-friendly and more suited to the needs of web applications than relational databases (SQLs), and it natively supports JavaScript.
  3. Angular is a strong abstraction layer for building single-page apps and dynamic websites.
  4. Express is a flexible, non-opinionated framework that lets the developer choose most of the tools and libraries.
  5. Unlike Apache’s variety of quirky, domain-specific configuration files, you can get a lot done with just one programming language. You don’t need to know different frontend, backend, or database query languages, and you don’t need to know particular config file syntax.


  1. To make use of Node’s scalability, it demands a working grasp of numerous challenging programming concepts as well as the use of a language that many programmers find unpleasant (JavaScript)
  2. Mongo isn’t as reliable and stable out of the box as relational databases, and production programs require the help of an experienced DBA.
  3. Angular can be overkill for small applications and websites because of its verbosity and complexity.
  4. Because Express is versatile and non-opinionated, it forces the developer to make a lot of potentially unneeded tool and library selections.
  5. To make use of JavaScript, you must have a thorough comprehension of the language; a novice/entry-level understanding of the language is insufficient, but you can get by with a rudimentary knowledge of a couple of languages utilizing other stacks. MEAN Stack Training in Noida is the first good option for you.


MEAN Stack is a new and modern technology in the web application market. MEAN Stack is used by businesses to create unique and cutting-edge applications. You can also choose MEAN Stack Training in Delhi and at this point must consider ShapeMySkills Institute.


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