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Advantages and Challenges of Java App Development

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Java applications enjoy a steady user base due to their several features. Major Android applications, web applications, and government websites are running on Java programming languages. That’s why the number of learners enrolling for Java Training in Noida is increasing rapidly. However, before you dive deep into more detail, we would like to draw your attention to the advantages and drawbacks of Java App Development. So, let’s put some light on the same:

Benefits of Java App Development : 

Among different types of frameworks regarding web development, Java still comes as the top priority of most professionals. Here we are going to mention some advantages of the Java framework. After coming up with the below information, you will come to know the reasons why it is most widely used. Let’s get started : 

  • Simple Syntax :

Despite being easy to learn, Java Syntax is simple which makes its codes readable and understandable. Compared to other languages, it is easy to read and write java codes because it requires a conversion with the help of interpreters and compilers. This is the main reason development of most applications takes place due to Java. 

  • Object-Oriented Programming Language: 

One of the major features is that it follows the OOP concept in which the type and structure of data are defined and functions are set to it. Apart from this, the custom Java development option makes it the best option for application development. 

  • Integrated Mechanism

Java is considered an Integrated Mechanism for sharing data and programs with multiple computer systems. That’s why its nature is distributed through which better efficiency can be achieved. Java uses Remote Method Invocation technology. Along with it, Java enjoys other benefits as well such as computing capabilities, better security, and many more. Freshers who are new to this field can enroll for Java Training in Delhi from a reputed institute to get familiar with the latest technologies. 

  • Enterprise Computing: 

In a software development company, the Java programming language is widely used for multiple purposes. Developers use multiple Java libraries for performing various functionalities. Several hosting service providers also support Java app development. Another reason for its application is that it does not require any specific hardware for implementation. 

Drawbacks of Java Frameworks: 

The Java programming language has some drawbacks as well that are discussed below: 

  • Struggle with proper performance

Sometimes, there are compilations and abstraction processes of the Virtual Machines that result in low performance. Java application development can face several issues including memory errors. Although the errors can be rectified, they slow down the entire process and functioning. 

  • Coding can be complex

There are several words in Java coding through which the readability got hampered. Therefore, there can be issues with high-level programming languages. 

  • Garbage collection: 

Java does not provide functions such as delete ( ), or free ( ), and also there is no control over garbage collection in Java. This is another disadvantage of Java Application Development. 


From the above piece of information, it is clear that Java is a versatile language and there is a great Future Scope for Java. Several learners from non-technical fields are also showing their interest in taking Java Online Training and enhancing their knowledge and skills. If you are also planning to enroll for the same, feel free to reach out to the team of ShapeMySkills.Pvt Ltd. The expert trainers will provide you with all the relevant information and you will be getting trained from scratch.


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