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Accelerate your websites with Azure Static Web Apps enterprise-edge

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Site functionality is important when creating applications on the modern web. It has a direct impact on user experience, search engine levels, and user conversion rates. With Azure Static Web Apps, we are committed to building a platform that helps you bring the best results to your users worldwide. Provides full simple stack development and integration between static content and server-free APIs to enable maximum productivity from source code to high-quality global availability. Azure Training in Delhi

Today, we announce a preview of the Azure Static Web Apps business edge powered by Azure Front Door which enables faster page loading, improved security, and increased reliability of your global applications without any configuration or additional code required.

Today, with Azure Static Web Apps, when a user visits your site, our HTTP load rate will determine the location closest to it and deliver your request there. If our global circuits are low, we redirect your user requests to the nearest healthy network location. This allows you to build your app with perseverance across all regions, not rush faster, and give your users “always open” website access. Enabling business-edge edge further enhances your global presence by caching consistent content for your website across 118+ (POP) presence points in every 100 major cities. As a result, your app works with lower latency and higher performance for your end users. Azure Online Training

As the number of users you provide increases, so do the chances of malicious attacks like DDoS. Enabling your apps on the edge of the business range can prevent attackers from accessing your application and disrupt the availability and performance of your application. The full scale and power of our global distributed network provides protection against the attacks of the normal network layer with constant traffic monitoring and real-time reduction.

With this feature enabled, you run your websites over Microsoft’s global system and content delivery network that has been using the most important web load for many years, ensuring its durability and retrieval capabilities. Global services such as Azure DevOps, LinkedIn, and Xbox Live run on it and bring a fast and reliable app experience. Azure Training in Noida

Our business enterprise is a cloud-config content delivery service that integrates CDN and system acceleration. Once you have enabled this feature in your production plans, we will stream your live traffic to our enhanced global network without interruption.


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