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Accelerate the in-vehicle digital experience with Azure Cognitive Services

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Microsoft is helping to restructure the automotive industry in the way it provides its drivers with automotive infotainment systems. For example, Azure Training In Noida is partnering with XPENG to empower AI voice experience for car brands and customers. The solution provides the industry with a new take on text-to-speech presentation, international languages, speaker reliability, and customization of your service. XPENG joins a growing trend of car manufacturers rethinking natural voice investment.

“This is a major test of the automotive voice performance in the automotive industry,” said XPENG senior AI automotive expert Hao Chao. “Experience brings a new level of natural expression. With a deeper understanding of urban mobility, we find many other situations for using AI technology with a higher level of driver machine understanding.” Azure Training in Noida

XPENG has entered Microsoft’s neural text-to-speech technology with their in-vehicle user information. By using Microsoft’s neural text-to-speech with emotionally charged styles, XPENG can provide a more enjoyable listening experience to its customers and combat listening fatigue. Microsoft’s neural text-to-speech provides a smooth and natural environment similar to the human voice. Along with the emotionally charged words, Microsoft text-to-speech serves as a refreshing change of intoxicating sound that many motorists have today.

“We are excited to rethink how word-for-word can improve the lives of drivers,” said Azure AI Speech product leader Binggong Ding. and their engineers. How can we better improve the use of synthetic speech so that we can produce a reliable voice without compromising sound quality? XPENG builds on this challenge to provide the voice assistant that customers are looking for. ” Azure Training in Delhi

Microsoft’s long-term goal is to turn the world’s advanced voice capabilities into a new standard for global automotive products and consumers. XPENG-adopted technology has added a wide range of voice styles, distinct emotional control, and cash flow capabilities. It covers 90 international certificates covering domestic policies, the regulatory data center requirement and the EU GDPR, as well as the top requirements for data privacy policy managers. Together with automotive manufacturers, Microsoft is creating a new speech-based driving experience based on text-to-speech capabilities and speech-to-text capabilities within Azure Cognitive Services.

Accelerated speech development

Voice is a new visual connector to existing computer technologies. Text-to-speech and text-to-text quality has improved in recent years thanks to research and technological leaps that have enabled the development of emotional networks. High quality speech-to-text and text-to-speech meets the needs of the automaker to create the next modern generation of car speech. Microsoft speech-to-text provides strong independent monitoring capabilities without a speaker and can handle ambient noise while driving. Microsoft text-to-speech also has a wet, audible sound that can make a difference to car manufacturers and customers alike. Both text-to-speech and text-to-speech also increase hands-free control of the car’s infotainment system. Microsoft text-to-speech supports a number of speech styles, including conversation, news, and customer service. These advances allow drivers to have more exciting driving experiences. For more information on the latest developments in speech-to-text and text-to-speech check speech-to-text and research results, access to human equity in the Switchboard research benchmark and neural-text-to-speech is close to human equality. Azure Online Training

Provides international languages

Microsoft is helping car manufacturers reunite with their global businesses and has recently hit the 100-language record and now supports 119 languages ​​and a variety of 278 words out of the box. This is in line with our corporate vision to empower every person and organization in the world to achieve more. “100 languages ​​are a great milestone for us to fulfill our desire for everyone to be able to communicate regardless of their language,” said Xuedong Huang, Microsoft Azure Training Online Training Technical Fellow and Azure AI Chief Technology Officer. With so many languages ​​with their varied coverage, we are happy to enable natural and accurate voice recognition for automotive manufacturers.

The difference is in customization

Microsoft empowers automakers to develop authentic voice-based natural communications using custom neural voice capabilities. Based on neural text-to-speech technology and a universal multi-lingual model, a custom neural voice allows you to create rich action words with spoken styles or dynamic interactive languages ​​with a minimum of 30 minutes of sound. A real and audible custom neural voice voice can represent brands and individuals and allow users to interact with apps naturally in chat style.


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