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7 Industries That Require Data Scientists

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Data Science is a vast field that includes basic to advanced knowledge of different subjects such as Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and many more to name a few. Keeping note of this, we can say that data science has taken control over every sector. The best part of the increasing scope is for learners who are doing Data Science with Python courses as they can get several opportunities. No matter whether you are choosing an IT field or not, data scientists are doing a great job.

Role of Data Scientists: 

Working professionals such as data scientists are responsible for analysing user data for receiving actionable insights. Nowadays, data scientists are gaining huge popularity among other professionals because they help companies grow by giving useful business insights. For newbies who are facing challenges in choosing such a field, we are mentioning the top 7 industries they can work as data scientists. We hope that this blog might be helpful to you. 

Top Industries Where You Can Work As Data Scientists: 

  • IT and Big Tech Companies: 

Data Scientists play an important role in IT and Big Tech Companies. Some of the most popular companies Google, Amazon, Flipkart, Apple, and Meta are using various techniques of data science. Although to step into such big tech companies, one has to pull up their socks as becoming a reputed data scientist is not an easy task.

  • Medical or Healthcare Industries: 

A huge amount of data or information is collected from clinical trials, disease registries, and laboratories. Therefore, data is an integral part of the medical field too. To analyse and interpret results from the information collected, data scientists play a vital role. That’s why experts have several opportunities after completing their Data Science Using Python training from an authentic institute. 

  • Cyber security: 

In the cyber security sector too, data scientists are responsible for creating different models so that patterns can be used to predict malicious activities. 

  • Telecommunication Industries: 

Becoming a data scientist in the field of telecommunications is a challenging task as one has to deal with network data, call details, customer information, and many more. That’s why working professionals are expected to have in-depth knowledge about the domain in which they are working. 

  • Insurance Industries: 

A certified and qualified data scientist in the insurance industry is responsible to perform tasks such as customer segmentation, risk modelling, and many more. This also can be an example of data science in finance. So, fresher and new learners can enroll in Data Science Online Training and also look up jobs in insurance companies. 

  • Agriculture Sector: 

The ones who are looking for a data science field may not consider agriculture as the most appropriate field. However, in this sector too, data scientists analyse various information to identify the soil type, yield, weather forecasting, and other future predictions. If you are looking for a different industry to work in, then you can surely choose the agriculture sector to work in. 

  • Oil and Gas Industries: 

When it comes to working in the Oil and Gas Industry, your job profile is a reputed one. This is because your contribution will help to reduce the cost, minimize errors, optimize operations, and many more. However, you have to deal with different sources for drilling data as well as weblogs. 


There are other industries too such as in retail, finance and non-technical sectors to Get Started with a Career in Data Science. However, the first step is to complete your training session to gain accurate knowledge and skills. To enroll in the Data Science Training in Noida, you can also connect with the team of ShapeMySkills.Pvt Ltd. During the sessions, you will get both theoretical and practical training that will better help you at work. So, attend your first class now and reach one step closer to your dream career.


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