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50 Tips to become a best Android Developer

50 Tips to become a best Android Developer

Anyone can become an Android developer, but you need dedication, hard work, and devotion to stand out from the crowd. ShapeMySkills provide the best Android training over the world. Above this, you require some helpful tips and tactics that you will apply while working.

This will help you in becoming a successful Android developer! So for your convenience, here we have specified 50 tips that help you become the best Android developer. Have a look!

  • Get familiar with the Android framework internals.
  • Must learn about JavaScript.
  • Spend more time reading about codes like AI, AR/VR. For this, you can take help from open-source apps and libraries.
  • Start learning more languages.
  • Don’t forget to learn about Java design patterns.
  • Have a deep understanding of Flutter and Dart.
  • Always get aware of the trendy Android Apps. Read their code as well!
  • Explore everything about Android Studio.
  • Learn Keyboard Shortcuts, integrations.
  • Run Two Android Studios.
  • Carefully design, maintain and test your app.
  • To be a successful Android developer, get yourself familiarized with UI/UX Design.
  • Regularly update third-party libraries.
  • Know how to enhance the performance of the Android App.
  • You can also take Android Online Training.
  • Use a low-end device to test your Android app.
  • Consider adopting Test-Driven Development (TDD).
  • Be ready with your Android Development Strategies.
  • Familiarity with Google’s Android design principles and interface guidelines is a must.
  • Learning programming languages like Kolten will be an added advantage.
  • Good knowledge of Android patterns and practices is a must.
  • Before launching your app, you must test QA.
  • Never rush. Go slow with the flow.
  • Participate in Open-Source Communities.
  • Stay updated about the latest Android News. For this, subscribe to Google Alerts.
  • Contribute to Reddit and Quora Communities.
  • Ask help from expert Android Developers.
  • Gain knowledge by participating in podcasts and webinars.
  • On social media, try to become more active.
  • Stay Focused & Dedicated to your work.
  • It is suggested to attend meet-ups with expert developers.
  • One of the best tips that help you become a successful android developer is following the best Android App Development Websites and Blogs.
  • Gain experience by working with threading and offline storage.
  • Knowledge of code versioning tools like Git is beneficial.
  • Never stop yourself from learning something new each day.
  • Keep an eye on Latest Android App Development Trends.
  • Try the reactive programming approach.
  • Having a decent knowledge of RESTful APIs will help you a lot.
  • Be positive and keep working on your productivity.
  • You can also take Android Training in Delhi.
  • Give some time to understand the IDE.
  • Create a good architect for your app.
  • Spend your free time writing more tests.
  • Get familiar with tools like Lint, PMD, and Find Bugs.
  • Give more focus on your weak areas.
  • Share your experience on platforms like Quora.
  • Manage your time and project effectively.
  • Learn from your failures.
  • Never fear to experiment.
  • Start with easy things. Never dive into complex projects.

We hope the above-given tips will help you! Apart from this, you can also take Android Training in Noida from ShapeMySkills Pvt. Ltd institute. Their expert team also offers Android Training in Delhi!


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