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SAP SCM Online Training Complete Course


SAP-SCM stands for Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing – Supply Chain Management is one of the key modules of SAP. SAP-SCM is a complete solution that covers topics such as supply chain networking, supply chain coordination, and Supply Chain Execution (SCE). SAP-SCM includes planning applications collection regarding scheduling, optimization, advanced planning, and integration with other executable SAP applications. SAP-Supply chain management is used to provide support for supply chain processes via the company and network of the chain. Here, you get complete SAP SCM Online Training Course details.

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    SAP SCM online training course is for the professionals who are interested to obtain SAP SCM main process overview which includes manufacturing, warehouse management, procurement, sales, manufacturing, etc. SAP Supply chain management module is perfect for those who are willing to learn the process of SCM, Different supply chain views, logistics, alliance with inventory collaboration hub, and business process execution.

    SAP SCM Course Prerequisite

    • Window Application environment knowledge
    • Basic understanding of SAP-Supply chain management

    Types of Flows

    SAP-Supply Chain management divided into 3 types of flows that are:

    • Product flow
    • Information flow
    • Finance flow

    Advantages of SAP-SCM Module

    • Supply and demand analysis
    • Supply and demand planning
    • Manages, analyze and plan of order based capacity
    • Business Forecasting
    • Handle a large number of constraints
    • Cost-based planning capability

    Target Audience:

    • Trainer
    • Executive
    • Change Manager
    • System Architect
    • Business Analyst
    • Program / Project Manager
    • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User

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