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SAP PM Training In Noida | SAP PM Training in Delhi | SAP PM Online Training

SAP PM Training

SAP PM Training In Noida | SAP PM Training in Delhi | SAP PM Online Training


SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM), an application is widely used in organizations to provide a complete solution for maintaining the organization’s operations in the company. SHAPEMYSKILLS offers an SAP PM online training program for all professionals and  SAP users; in addition, the training provides information on the basics of the software: Testing, Repairing, Security Storage, etc.

Focusing on the benefits of SAP Plant Maintenance online training, SHAPEMYSKILLS  offers an in-depth understanding of: Workplace preparation and maintenance applications, how to use business processes and operations to identify, write, amend failures and as a tool to deal with failure. The professional trainer identifies the baptismal candidates with the fact that R / 3 Systems allows for the use of external systems, integrated with Plant Conservation components namely: GIS (Local Information Systems), CAD (Computer Aided Design) and SCADA (Control and Data Access Control). Best Online SAP PM training institute in Delhi.

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Job Profiles

What is SAP PM?

SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) is a software product that manages all company maintenance activities. The key activities containing in Plant maintenance are inspection, corrective, notification, repairs, preventive maintenance, and other measures for maintaining the ideal technical system. SAP plant maintenance is closely interconnected with other modules such as Material Management, Sales and distribution, and production planning, etc. With the help of SAP PM, you can facilitate maintenance requests and perform automatic repairs in a company. In the SAP system, you can record the problem, plan labor and material activities. In a company, you may see the document, manage the issues and perform enterprise asset management for any needed assets. Best SAP PM training in Delhi

For performing all activities, SAP PM consists of the following sub-modules that are:

  • Manage work orders under maintenance order Mgt and workflow notifications.

  • Plan the task of maintenance

  • Manage the technical objects and equipment masters the record.

Key Functions of SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)


  • Inspection: It is done for checking the actual condition of the technical system

  • Repair: It involves all measures that perform for restoring the ideal condition. At the various planning stage, the Repair process performs such as schedule of work, initial costing, resource planning, etc. You can reply without any delay to damage the events cause a shutdown of production. For reducing the downtime, create needed requisition of purchase work orders.

  • Preventive Maintenance: It is used for maintaining the high availability of the technical system. It comprises a schedule of work and maintenance planning activities for technical objects.

In the below section, we provide the work order notification process and explain how it is implemented under SAP PM. Check out the key steps involved in:

  • Notification

  • Newly Created Work Order

  • Creation of Purchase request for work orders

  • Purchase Order created and parts Received

  • Parts issues to Work Order

  • Approval and Planning of Work Order

  • Scheduling and Releasing Work Order

  • Work Order Execution

  • Closing a Work Order

SAP PM Course Content

SAP Overview 

General Discussion on SAP and its necessity 

Organization Structure 

    • Company code
    • Plant
    • Maintenance plant
  • Planning plant 

SAP Landscape

  • Sandbox
    1. Development
    2. Quality
  • Production 

SAP Architecture 

  • Database
    1. Application
  • Presentation

PM Overview 

  • Overview of PM in Domain industries
  1. Role of PM in supply chain management

Masterdata of PM 

  • Creation of Functional location
  • Creation of Maintenance work center
  • Creation of Equipment
  • Creation of Task list.
  • Creation material
  • Creation of Equipment BOM
  • Link of material BOM to Equipment
  • Structural Display
  • Creation of a serial number
  • Creation of measuring points
  • Creation of maintenance plans
  • Creation cycle set
  • Creation of Strategy

General Notification Creation 

  • Processing of notification
  1. Close of notification

Creation of breakdown notification

Maintenance order integration creation with FICO & MM

  • Maintain settlement rule
  1. Release of Order
  2. Confirmation of Order
  3. Goods issue
  4. Technical completion
  5. Variance calculation
  6. Settlement of Order
  7. Completion of order

Planning Scenario 

  • Creation of Single cycle plan, assign to the task list
    1. Creation of maintenance Strategy and assign it to task list plan
  • Multiple counter plans

Maintenance processing execution of all above individual plans 

  • Schedule of Plans
  1. Notification generation
  2. Process notification
  3. Close of the notification 

Order creation from notification 

Issue of non-stock material to a maintenance order 

  • Creation of material
  1. Assign in operation
  2. Carry out MIGO against PO generated through purchase requisition
  3. Order completion
  4. Cost analysis

Issue of stock material to maintenance order with or without serial number

  • Creation of material with or without serial number.
  1. Assign in operation
  2. Requirements in MD04
  3. Run MRP and procure this stock component
  4. Carry out MIGO against PO generated through a purchase requisition
  5. Order completion
  6. Cost analysis

External operation OR service delivery in Maintenance order 

  • Creation of maintenance order
    1. Select operation as external
    2. Maintain service against Po
    3. Enter the service entry sheet w.r.t PO
    4. Order completion
  • Cost analysis

Refurbishment of maintenance order 

  • Creation of maintenance order W.r.t Material and Order type PM04
  1. Maintain other operations
  2. Assign other Components other than refurbishment component
  3. Release and save order
  4. Completion confirmation Goods movement
  5. Goods receipt of Refurbishment material
  6. Confirmations of each operation with Final confirmation
  7. Order Completion
  8. Cost analysis

Calibration order and PM Integration with QM 

Process of assigning activities to the Object parts in Main equipment notification

Factory calendar creation

Information system

  • Reports
    1. Cost analysis 
  • Cogi errors 


  • Basic steps
  1. Maintenance of planning plant
  2. Assignment of planning plant to maintenance plant
  3. Overall steps to be configured concerning PDF

SAP project implementation 

  • Overview 
  • ASAP methodology 

Support process for SAP in Real-time

  • Priority of tickets
    1. Acknowledge
  • Solution

SAP PM Objective

SAP PM training in noida must ensure that all machines are kept in optimal condition without any pause. Repeated support also ensures that plant equipment is always organized for use by reducing unexpected production pauses from an undiscovered state. With the help of SAP PM (Plant Maintenance), productivity loss and equipment breakdown avoided.

Benefits Of SAP PM Implementation

From SAP PM Module, you can get various benefits that are:

  • Material of equipment and service cost analysis report
  • For monitoring calibration maintenance, connect with the quality module.
  • Maintain the equipment log sheet via online mode
  • Before preventive maintenance, an early warning system enabled automatically
  • Every fleet object and equipment information and their maintenance activity you may get from the system.
  • You can easily track the malfunctioning, preventive maintenance, and breakdown activities.

What You Become After Completion of SAP PM Online Training?

After completion of the SAP PM online course, you may become an SAP PM consultant. The scope of SAP PM Consultant is high in the market. Here we give the job scope and job responsibilities of SAP PM Consultant.

Scope of Job: 

  • For request and Optimize, documentation, system, and training, the application is adapted
  • As per the best SAP PM Practice, configuration and customize the maintenance plant.
  • Configure complete logistic master data like Serial Number, BOM, PM Material, Assembly, Counters, PM Work centers, Maintenance plans, Measuring Point, and Maintenance Task List.

 Responsibility of Job:

  • SAP PM Consultant is responsible for system requirement study, System testing, Documentation, System integration, System Configuration, Solution design, data conversion, and user training.
  • In SAP PM, day-to-day operations support in 2nd and 3rd level system.
  • Successfully executed change request & projects
  • Requirement of strong leadership, communication skills education
  • Experience of SAP PM Consultant
  • Knowledge and experience regarding SAP PM Module
  • Business Fluent English, MS office, ABAP debugging

These are some responsibilities of SAP PM Consultant. So to get into this position, must take your SAP PM training in noida seriously and boost your career.

The trainer will give an environment for executing the practical
yes, but it depends on the training mode you take
Every session will be recorded, after completion of the class, you can watch the videos. For any doubt you can contact your trainer he or she will solve your query.
We provide the best training on different modes i.e. offline and online.
Yes, our team gives full support to the students to get a job in a reputed company In India especially in Delhi NCR, there are many SAP training institutes but our institute i.e. ShapeMySkills Pvt Ltd is best for SAP PM online training course. It is one of the best leading IT training institutes with the best and experienced IT professionals. So, with our highly professional trainers, we provide you with SAP PM training in Noida. We provide complete knowledge to the students i.e. from basic level to advanced level. You will get both practical and theoretical knowledge from ShapeMySkills. After completion of SAP PM training, you will get SAP PM online training certificate and that will add value to your resume.
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